Top 10 Gorgeous anchors of Malayalam

Nair Radhika

Nair Radhika


The host of The Star Singer, Jewel Mary, is well-liked by the audience.

Poornima Indrajith 

MC Made For Eachother For her grace, Poornima is highly regarded.


Without this chirpy host, the list is lacking

Alina Padikkal

The actress-turned-anchor has a sizable fan base.

Aswathy Sreekanth 

Television viewers still adore her anchoring skills despite her growing popularity as an actress.


One of the most endearing characters is Arya.

Meenakshi Raveendran

The newcomer on the list is gaining popularity due to her charm

Lakshmi Nakshthara

Due to her work as an anchor, Lakshmi has a sizable fan base.

Meera Anil

This Comedy Stars host is obviously skilled at winning over the crowd.

Ranjini Haridas

Without a doubt, Ranjini is one of Malayalam TV's all-time favourite hosts.

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