Keskar, Isha

She is a further actress infatuated with the conventional Khun saree, Isha-Keskar.

Pandit Tejaswni

This saree is so beloved by Tejaswini that the actress decided to include it in her line of clothing as well. Tejaswini-Pandit-

Amit Mayekar

A real traditional diva, Mitali Mitali-Mayekar-

Sen Lokur

She has no problem trying out new looks that make her stand out. Sai-Lokur-

Mali Prajakta

Prajakta Mali can appear stunning in any clothing that is available in the fashion industry.

Sen. Gautami Deshpande

By choosing to wear this dark-colored saree, Gautami Deshpande made a statement about her sense of fashion. Gautami-Deshpande

Reshma Shinde.

Reshma caught everyone's attention with her green Khun saree and jewellery. Apurva Nemlekar is pictured

Apurva Nemlekar

One of the most stylish actresses in the business is Apurva, who looks amazing in her saree. Abhidnya Bhave,


Khun saree by Abhidnya is unquestionably stunning.

Gratitude for reading!

Following, Sai Tamhankar continues to dabble with fashion.