Jannat Zubair raises temperature with her beach

Jannat Zubair raises temperature with her beach

Donning the life jacket

She has selected this outfit because it would look good with a life jacket attached to it.

Floral is a must on the beach

Jannat is skilled at accessorising a dress to perfection.

Choosing the right shade

Beachside means bright, cheerful colours.

Light outfit for a breezy evening

She is wearing an outfit here that is ideal for the humid coastal climate.

The perfect spread

The food looks delicious, and Jannat also has a great appearance.

Chilling with the hotness mode one

A little black dress: is there ever a bad time?

Cool and confident

Jannat has the confidence to rock a straightforward appearance.

Maintaining her stylish avatar

She enjoys posing in fashionable attire in the pool.

A little tan isn’t too bad!

She and her surroundings look good in pink.