royal nuptials

Aditya Bilagi and Rasika Sunil exchanged vows in a private ceremony. Rasika-Sunil-


On their wedding day, the pair wore clothing that matched in colour. Rasika-Sunil-

aims in relationships

The couple's lovely photos frequently set important relationship goals. Rasika-Sunil

swooning over one another

Rasika-Sunil Happiness The two are adorable and show their love for one another.

Rasika-Sunil Customary

They twine in red while grinning.


This pairing is unquestionably. Rasika-Sunil

Rasika and Sunil's Partnership

This match is certainly made in heaven Rasika-Sunil

Title 1

Love in the air

There is romance in the air between Rasika and Aditya.


A million hearts were won by their smouldering chemistry. Rasika-Sunil

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