Ishmart Jodi season 2: Complete and updated competitor list

Harika and Ek Nath

Social media users are ecstatic with her Ek Nath and Harika's appearance in the programme.

Both Neelima and Kaushal Manda

Fans were surprised by the popular couple's presence in Ishmart Jodi 2.

Anuja and Avinash

The newlyweds seldom pass up an opportunity to amuse their television viewers, and Ishmart Jodi 2 is no exception.

Shraddha and Vishwa

Following Bigg Boss Telugu 5, Vishwa is eager to participate in Ishmart Jodi 2 with his girlfriend Shraddha.

both Revathi and Baba Bhaskar

With his wife Revathy by his side, Baba Bhaskar is now prepared to delight his followers.

Shiv Nag and Maheshwari

The Vadinamma actress and her spouse Shiva Nag are here to entertain in the new season of Lahari and Manikant in addition to their regular TV appearances.

Lahari and Manikant

Lahari is really excited to go on this new voyage with Manikant, her better half, on the Ishmart Jodi. in addition to their regular TV appearances.

Radha and Amma Rajasekhara

After Bigg Boss Telugu season 5, Amma Rajasekhar is back on Telugu TV with his wife.

Swathy and Siva Reddy

For the first time, Siva Reddy and his wife Swathi will be seen taking part in a reality programme.

Vinay Sundar and Harshitha Venkatesh

Harshitha is excitedly anticipating the release of Ishmart Jodi 2, her upcoming date with husband Vinay Sundar.

Nagesh Karra and Preethi Nigam

The veteran actress will try their luck in the reality show with her beloved hubby Nagesh Karra.

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