Richard Hanu-Reshma

Rajeev Hanu, a popular Kannada actor and former Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 contestant, and his wife Reshma have returned to Kannada television.


Sujatha is sharing the stage with her better half for the first time in her career.

Rajath and Akshitha

A couple-based reality programme is nothing new for Akshitha and Rajath.

Prasanna and Nishitha Gowda

The duo is anticipating a successful debut and is remaining upbeat about their participation in the reality show.

Kumar and Kavya

Another actress from the television programme Nammane Yuvarani will appear in Raja Rani season 2 as Kavya.

Deepika Suvarna and Vijay Shobraj

Along with his wife Deepika, Vijay Shobraj will now appear in the reality show in addition to the daily soap opera "Geetha."

Manisha and Sandesh

Post his success in the singing reality show, Sandesh is making his presence felt in the couple-based reality show along with his wife Manisha

Arun – Madhurya

Master Anand's brother Arun and wife Madhurya are also a part of Raja Rani Season 2

Aishwarya Salimath - Vinay UJ

The newly married couple will now be seen together as contestants in Raja Rani Season 2

Dhanraj - Shalini

The multi-talented artist is a contestant of the reality show alongside wife Shalini

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