From Avneet Kaur to Anushka Sen, here are some young celebrities and their stylish gym wear.

Gor, Avika

An all-black gym outfit is a surefire winner.

Toby Singh

Prepared for some aerobic and weight training

By Avneet Kaur

She looks healthy wearing that green uniform.

Zubair Jannat

Jannat looks good wearing tie-dye to the gym.

Anastasia Sen

Posing in black gym attire

Ashnoor Singh

After working up a sweat, she appears content.

Makwana Mahima

She favours lounging around with shorts and a tank top.

Bhatia, Aditi

Time for a workout-related selfie in the mirror

Pallavi Sindhwani

Stretching in your stylish workout gear

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