Bharti Singh and Debina Bonnerjee's union; the first images of their children

Bharti Singh

In order to present her son Gola, Bharti Singh opened a large, black box.

Bonnerjee, Debina1

When Debina first revealed her daughter Lianna to the public, she posted this photo of her.

Banerjee, Pooja

By posting this image to introduce Sana, the actress made everyone swoon over her adorable daughter.

Asopa Charu

Ziana, a newborn girl, was born to Charu in November of last year.

Mehta Nakuul

Nakuul posted this image to introduce his baby Sufi, who has blue eyes.

Malik Mohit

On the festival of Janmashtami, Mohit and wife Addite shared a photo of their infant son Ekbir.

Vij Mahhi

On Jay Bhanushali's birthday, Mahhi shared a photo session of baby Tara.

Shishir Merchant

That is a rather cute image, isn't it?

Hassanandani, Anita

Aaravv, a boy, was born to Anita and Rohit Reddy on February 7, 2021.

Khanna, Smriti

Smriti happily announced to the world that she is the mother of a baby child by sharing this image of Anayka.

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