A look at the 15 contestants on Bigg Boss Marathi 3

Dudhane Jay

fame of Spilitsvilla When Jay Dudhane entered the show, everyone was shocked.

Sneha Wagh

One of the competitors in this season is the Marathi and Hindi TV actress Sneha Wagh.

Utkarsh Shinde

Shinde, Utkarsh Utkarsh Shinde, a singer and physician, applied to be a contestant.

Trupti Desai

Desti Trupti Trupti Desai, a social activist, surprised everyone by entering the programme.

Akshay Waghmare

Popular Marathi actor Akshay Waghmare joined the programme.

Darvhekar Avishkar

Darvhekar Avishkar The show featured popular actor Avishkar Darvhekar, who is also Sneha Wagh's ex-husband.

Vikas Patil

Vikas Patil Vikas Patil surprised the audience by entering the building.

Gayatri Datar

The show also featured Gayatri Datar, a popular entertainer on Marathi television.

Santosh Chaudhari

Mr. Santosh Chaudhari The Goldman Daadus also appeared on the programme.

Meenal Shah

fame from Meenal Shah Roadies Meenal Shah unexpectedly appeared on the programme.

Mira Jagganath

Popular TV star Mira Jagganath is one of the season's more intriguing competitors.

Surekha Kudachi

Certaina Surekha Kudachi entered the show and performed to everyone's delight.

Vishal Nikam

Vishal Nikam Jiv Bhavani Actor from Jai Shivaji also made an appearance.

Sonali Patil

No. 1 actress in Vaiju is Sonali Patil Sonali Patil competes in BB Marathi 3 as well.

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