Some Danbury educators were placed on leave after failing to submit the COVID inquiry
Faculty officers aforementioned concerning fifteen to sixteen district staff are placed on unpaid body leave as a result of they didn’t submit their COVID-19 take a look at results on time.
The overwhelming majority of the concerning one,870 staffers area unit yielding with the governor’s mandate that everyone state staff and educators be insusceptible for COVID-19 or attempt to weekly COVID testing, Danbury faculty officers aforementioned.
“Regardless of what their selection was, they’ve been wonderful in yielding with the order,” Superintendent Kevin Walston told the college board on Wed evening.
Walston aforementioned Danbury educators had been “very nervous” concerning however the district would implement the mandate and keep colleges open.
The vaccination rate among Danbury faculty employees is eighty-nine. 5 percent, “which is nice,” aforementioned Kimberly Mango Thompson, Danbury’s human resources director. the share of lecturers insusceptible is ninety.2 percent.
This means the colleges’ area unit is less possible to scramble to seek out substitutes for lecturers UN agency take a look at positive for COVID or fail to show in their results, she said.
“That reduces everybody’s stress level a touch bit to listen to those numbers,” Thompson aforementioned.
Other faculty districts within the Danbury space have rumored vaccination rates between ninety-two to ninety-six %.
About one hundred seventy staff don’t seem to be insusceptible and should get tested weekly, Thompson aforementioned. That’s abundant fewer than what she originally feared. At one purpose, over 600 staff hadn’t rumored their vaccination standing to the colleges, she said.
Thompson expects the number of testers to travel down as some employees get their second shots.
Unvaccinated Danbury educators is needed to induce tested on Sunday, weekday, or Tuesday and switch in their results through a Google-type by the tip of the day Tuesday, she said.
“It’s feeding into a document that’s showing the North American country whether or not or not we have got any positives and where space unit|they’re} set and where those of us square measure,” Thompson aforesaid,
In the future, employees are allowed to check on a weekday, as well, and switch in their results on a weekday instead. She plans to email staff concerning this at the tip of on. weekday could be a lot of “convenient” day to access free COVID testing choices, Thompson aforementioned.
“Now that we will monitor those one hundred seventy folks with relative ease, that shouldn’t be a tangle for the US,” she said.
No one taking part in mandating testing has been positive for COVID, except for some employees members the primary week UN agency were already hunting the contact tracing method, Thompson aforementioned.
Those who don’t abide by the area unit are placed on unpaid body leave till they flip in their results.
There was fifteen or sixteen staff UN agency who were told they couldn’t report back to work on a weekday, Thompson aforementioned. She aforementioned she believes they were all non-certified employees members.
“Now that we’ll monitor those 100 seventy of us with relative ease, that shouldn’t be a problem for the United States of America,” she said.
Danbury has looked into providing on-the-scene testing, that isn’t needed by the state.
“There area unit some insurance problems, compensation problems, those forms of things, that created that sort of associate obstacle to immediate implementation, thus we’ll still look into that,” Thompson aforementioned.
But the district might not have to be compelled to supply this as a result of Fiver staff want to test than originally anticipated, she said.
“For quickly it looks like of us are getting into their groove, and they’re getting things submitted throughout a timely approach,” she said. “Or if not, they’re reaching out thus we will dialogue with them concerning a way to facilitate them get this method completed. thus I’m very assured that we tend to won’t be penalized we have a tendency to won’t be losing any funds for failure to abide by.”


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