Thanksgiving 2021: Healthy home

Thanksgiving 2021: The single issue I’m most glad for in 2021 is that nobody in my immediate family contracted COVID-19.

Gloria Lockwood Evans


Back to high school

I am glad my family stayed healthy throughout this pandemic I’m glad for having the ability to travel back to high school with my lecturers and friends and serve to out others I would like.

Cody Rogers Stamford

Back within the stands

I’m glad they come back from high school soccer. Go Cards! Beat Staples!

“Thank you, as a result of thanks is lazy.”

Brendan Micik


Thanksgiving 2021: Keeping score

Since the mid-1990s I even have been the official for an area softball team. once the 2020 season was referred to as off thanks to the pandemic, I incomprehensible the action on the sector, yet because of the prime quality individuals, I worked with.

Softball Season

therefore once the softball season started once more this past might, I had an enormous smile on my face the primary night of the season.

That smile stayed there through the last night of the season, once my team won the league title. Not being at the athletic field for a year created the American state to understand what quantity I incomprehensible it.

Thomas D. Witt


Thanksgiving 2021: A good book

I am grateful for my blessings of fine health, time to hope, and happiness with my family and friends.

I love to scan and I am enjoying my quiet times with a decent book.

Paula Santagata

North Haven

Escaped COVID

Thankful for the very fact that my family is at liberty COVID — those insusceptible and not.

Gail Melluzzo


Applause for theater supporters

There were several things I couldn’t do due to the COVID pandemic; outlay quality, indoor time with family and friends were scarce. Luckily, my mate and i — and our immediate family — have stayed healthy throughout.

For me, though, the revival of live performances at the bow, Stamford’s longest-running and solely, year-around manufacturing theater, is one issue I’m glad for this Thanksgiving.

The theater

The theater is my life … not simply a career or job … therefore obtaining back to figure with dozens of artistic artists to form the programming our community expects, was a blessing. a standard year for the United States suggests some reasonable activity at our Sterling Farms Theatre field 340-plus days a year, therefore I incomprehensible my theater family that features performers, crew, musicians, and patrons — however currently we’re back.

This revival

This revival wouldn’t be potential while not the unimaginable generosity of our community. many people, businesses, foundations, and additional stepped up to assist. New program support from the Connecticut workplace of the humanities was created potential by our state legislators;

Richard Blumenthal

federal leaders Richard Blumenthal, Jim Himes, and Chris white potato helped produce new funding support for theaters across the country.

Inventive Luminaries

inventive luminaries Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Amanda inexperienced, trade leaders like role player Cohen (MTI) and theater colleagues across the country — particularly members of the Yankee Association of Community Theatre — supported efforts to urge our theater lights burning once more.

On behalf of everybody at the bow, since it’s Thanksgiving, I thank everybody UN agency supports live theater in our community, and round the world.

Lou Ursone is the executive of the bow in Stamford.

Escape from the head.

Moving to the American state. No additional weather and no additional Connecticut state tax.

Alan Parcells

Palm Harbor, Fla.

More time along

As a lighting designer for theater, opera, and dance, my husband is away quite his home, with shows reserved years before. though it was a monetary nail-biter, we tend to have a tendency tore able to pay longer along than we had in thirty-seven years!

Outside space

Our outside space ne’er looked therefore sensible, together with his inventive skills being directed there. we tend to stay healthy in our very little family pod, and I roasted nice meals for everybody. as luck would have it my business may continue online.


I even have such a lot of feelings for having the ability to stay optimistic, keep operating, and have sudden and fantastic family time. we tend to all create the most effective of it. Oh, and therefore the bread machine. glad for (literally) the daily bread!

Michele Sugg


Feeling well

To be alive and at last feel well with no proof of unwellness 2 years once associate autologous somatic cell transplant.

Carol Annette

Northford impelled by students

I am glad for my students at the Regional Center for the humanities, UN agency came to my category excited to be there daily. They created American state laugh; they created American state proud, and they created American state wish to urge out of bed and drive to figure daily.

Anthony DeQuattro

North Haven


My health, my husband’s health.

Michele Cormier


Daily NGO

Daily, I’m humbled by our NGO volunteers UN agency share their time to assist the foremost vulnerable steel onself for and pass through life-changing disasters in their communities.

NGO to Deliver

I am conjointly grateful for our partners UN agency share a standard purpose and community spirit to attach additional people with crucial humanitarian relief. And our monetary supporters permit the NGO to deliver emergency relief 24/7, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

A final word

A final word of due to our 1st responders — police, fire, and EMS — UN agency we tend to square measure proud to support as they shield and assist our communities daily.

Wishing you all a contented and safe Thanksgiving. Let’s still look out for each other.

Stephanie Dunn Ashley

American NGO subway New York State North Chapter

Greenwich Tireless staff

What involves the mind in 2021 to be glad for?

I’m grateful for all the staff UN agency to respond indefatigably to individuals in their moments of would like.

I’ll continuously bear in mind special Zoom conferences provided by the Stratford Library. The authors and guest speakers stirred nice conversations on a range of worthy topics.

Silver Sneakers Program

And much feeling goes bent the individuals operational the Silver Sneakers Program for seniors. These daily exercise categories yet as workshops have had an incredible impact on our family and friends.

Wishing everybody a blessed and happy Thanksgiving vacation.

Gertrude Vezina


Staying COVID-free

I’m glad that my family and friends have remained COVID-free throughout the pandemic. we tend to square measure all insusceptible.

A repository compliance veterans

An idea 1st mentioned in 2018 became a reality in 2021. A repository to acknowledge Stratford Veterans UN agency have served our country honorably was the dream. In the Gregorian calendar month of 2020, a website was offered by the city administration to the origination members. With abundant support from civil authority Laura Hoydick, Stratford construction, and a multi-competent cluster of volunteers, the Stratford Veterans repository was created. A grand gap on Sabbatum, Nov. 13, role-player rave reviews and praise for the new attraction at Boothe graveyard. I even have abundant to be glad for this Thanksgiving.

Productive Action

However, the one issue I’m most glad for is the productive action of our 2018 dream and therefore the support of such a large amount of people, businesses, and city employees. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to any or all.

Bill O’Brien, Stratford



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