MTA subway unveils

MTA subway unveils: New Promised Land resident Melody Meitrott Libonati was at the MTA unveiling of the remake of a street effort she partook in back within the late Nineteen Seventies.


The MTA revised its original “The solely certain thanks to creating It to Broadway” effort supported a commercial within the 70s that featured theater stars taking the subway to Broadway;

it’s a part of the “Welcome Back New York” campaign.

Classic poster

“This classic poster hangs in Summer Theatre of latest Promised Land, wherever I’m the inventive Director and within the arts Conservatory that I based and teach musical theatre and remains a fun lesson for adults and students to spot the street actors and shows of that era,” Libonati aforesaid in the announcement.

Libonati was a featured player on Broadway’s “Grease,” taking part in Sandy aboard Patrick Swayze UN agency compete Danny Zuko.

When they asked

“When they asked ME to come back to speak regarding my expertise on street in ‘Grease’ and also the painting ad I used to be in, I couldn’t say no,” she said.

“Being able to share my expertise with those within the new ad and on-street currently was surreal. It brought back numerous recollections.”

Libonati directed

In 2008, Libonati directed “Grease” for The Summer Theatre of latest Promised Land, within which her son competed Danny Zuko. “Many of this UN agency was with ME after I was in ‘Grease’ truly came to examine the show and cherished it,” she said.

Libonati graduated from Ithaca school, wherever she studied theater. When she graduated, she aforesaid she “did what everybody would do at the time” and headed to the big apple town.

I Auditioned For

“When I auditioned for ‘Grease’ it had already been running for eight years. I got into the show, went on the national tour, and that they asked ME to be within the street show for 2 years wherever I in the main compete Sandy however coated for different roles once required.”


Libonati left the street once she had her two kids; however, she would bring her kids to be a locality of shows within the regional theatre to share her love for the stage with them.

Libonati inventive Director

Libonati is also the inventive Director of the latest Canaan’s skilled theatre company, The Summer Theatre of latest Promised Land, and the Director of The Arts Conservatory of latest Promised Land, which utilizes experienced artists to coach students within the arts.

Tell ME additional

A book referred to as “Tell ME additional, Tell ME additional,” edited by Ken Waissman, Adrienne Barbeau, and Tom Moore, regarding stories from the initial production of Grease, is returning in Spring 2022.



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