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London file Download: The backdrop of ‘London Files’ has a mystical charm of its own. But by the time of the third episode, the paths start winding down, the story of this web series starting with the atmosphere of protest demonstrations is the story of Detective Om Singh of London Police. Swords have been drawn regarding the law being made against the settlers from outside. And, meanwhile, the daughter of Amar Roy, the city’s iconic and feared personality, goes missing. After this in the web series ‘London Files’, the policeman has to find the missing daughter. The layers of one of his stories slowly begin to unfold. And, as all such things start to add up, Maya learns that her father has sexually abused more than one woman. His friend is also a victim. Amar has shut everyone’s mouth with money outside the court. Meanwhile, Om also has a dark past in this series. Om’s son Yash kept repeating some articles hidden under the wallpaper of Maya’s hostel room in front of her in jail. After Yash kills classmates in school and loses Maya, Om appears to be a combination of these two. Meanwhile, the police have arrested her father Amar Roy for the murder of Maya. Om goes to meet Amar Rai in jail. A cult leader continues to lead opposition to immigration law in England. He wants to create anarchy in the country by using the sentiments and existential crisis of the common working people.

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The weaving of the story of the series and the suspense moment are woven throughout. In the end, Arjun Rampal became a hero following the traditional Bollywood formula. If the knotted tree is wrapped up even after all is well, it can be as frustrating to go through the end of the chain as it was at the beginning. The six-episode series ‘London Files’ was released on Friday at Vote Select. The beginning of the story of the series reveals that Om and his wife have planned a surprise birthday party for their 14-year-old son Yash. The character of Arjun is played by Arjun Rampal. The couple invited neighbors and friends from London to come back from school and cut the Glory Cake. But the glory does not return. A call comes from Yash’s school. And from here everything turns upside down.

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Actor Arjun Rampal tries his best to fit in as a cop battling his inner storm. Her hard work also gets shingles, but there is nothing in her character that will stay with you after finishing the series. The same is the case with Purab Kohli. Watching the series also shows that its actors are not particularly interested in their characters, they are just doing their job. Purab Kohli’s work is not too much. Yes, he seems to be trying to play honestly as much as he can. Sagar Arya has done a good job. His acting may show some good characters in the coming days. However, the absence of Sapna Pabbi does not seem to make much difference to the web series London Files’.

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  • London file episode 1 – Missing
  • London file episode 2 – Guilty
  • London file episode 3 – Doubt
  • London file episode 4 – Loser
  • London file episode 5 – Chaos
  • London file episode 6 – Silence

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