War in Ukraine could now

War in Ukraine could now: Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Ukraine did not want to pursue a preliminary peace deal with Russia back in March and that there was “no such desire” to pursue one now.

“There were well-known negotiations in Istanbul, when we reached an agreement, it only remained to initiate it,” he said, claiming that Russian forces had withdrawn from the area around Kyiv to “create these conditions” that would be ripe for a deal, Putin said in Tehran, Iran, on Tuesday.

Putin also said Russia is ready to “facilitate” grain exports from Ukraine if restrictions on Russian grain exports are relaxed.

When will the war in Ukraine end?

Back in Ukraine, Russian forces are conducting military operations in the area surrounding the city of Bakhmut — a city of strategic value to Russia — in Donetsk, to advance on the city and seize the Vuhlehirska thermal power plant, according to the latest report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy watched from Kyiv as his wife delivered remarks to the U.S. Congress.

Olena Zelenska, the first wife of a foreign leader to speak in the U.S. Capitol, urged lawmakers to provide more U.S.-made arms to Ukraine.

Zelenska began her 15-minute address with a photo presentation of Ukrainian children killed by Russian missile strikes and shelling across the country.

Ukraine war could last for years, warns Nato chief

“I’m asking for air defense systems for rockets not to kill,” Zelenska said before a backdrop of graphic and disturbing images from devastated Ukrainian streets.

“The First Lady noted the contribution of every American family, Congress, and President Joseph Biden to Ukraine’s ability to resist the enemy and protect the lives of millions of Ukrainian citizens,” according to a statement from Zelenskyy’s office.

All 30 NATO members must approve a country’s bid for it to be accepted into the alliance.

Both Finland and Sweden already meet many of the requirements to be NATO members. Some of the requirements include having a functioning democratic political system, a willingness to provide economic transparency, and the ability to make military contributions to alliance missions.

In May, both nations began the formal process of applying to the military alliance.

Ukraine war: Russia’s Lavrov says ready to expand war aims

Ukraine’s first lady tells NBC News that her son wants to be a soldier when he grows up

Ukraine’s first lady told NBC News that her son wants to be a soldier when he grows up, during a visit to the U.S. as the country approaches 150 days of war with Russia.

“He wants to be a soldier,” Olena Zelenska told NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander in an exclusive interview.

“What does that make you think as a mom?” asked Alexander in a follow-up question.

“You know before the war my son used to go to the folk dance ensemble. He played piano, he learned English. He of course did sports club,” Zelenska said.

“Now I can’t bring him back to doing arts and humanities. The only thing he wants to do is martial arts and how to use a rifle and that’s what I want to ensure is that the childhood of my son is given back to him and that he enjoys his life to the fullest,” she added.

When will the war in Ukraine end? – Al Jazeera

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01-Jul-2022 — NATO’s Stoltenberg warned that war could last for years, while Russian forces continue the capture of the Donbas.

Ukraine war could last for years, warns Nato chief – BBC News

https://www.bbc.com › news › world-europe-61856144

19-Jun-2022 — The West must prepare to continue supporting Ukraine in a war lasting for years, Nato’s chief has warned. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg 

Ukraine war: Russia’s Lavrov says ready to expand war aims

https://www.bbc.com › news › world-europe-62231936

2 hours ago — Russia would now have to push Ukrainian forces further from the front line to ensure its own security, he explained.

Five ways the war in Ukraine could end | View | Euronews

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09-May-2022 — Let’s start with the obvious: Much like the attack against Florence, Russia’s war in Ukraine is not going as planned.

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23-May-2022 — Putin’s war will not succeed in bringing Ukraine closer to Moscow’s orbit; it is instead imbuing a hatred towards Russia in Ukraine that will 

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8 days ago — President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that Ukraine will negotiate with Russia when Ukrainian forces have pushed Russian army back to their 

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2 hours ago — Moscow warned it “cannot allow” Ukraine to have weapons that threaten Russia or its territories, and said its objectives in the country now

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7 days ago — Russia has been at war in Ukraine for almost five months but “has not started anything in earnest yet”, President Vladimir Putin said last 

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21-Jun-2022 — We cannot do away with the fact that innocent and civilian lives, upon whom war was imposed, are being lost. Between Vladimir Putin and 

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2 hours ago — Moscow warned it “cannot allow” Ukraine to have weapons that … Follow the latest news on Russia’s war in Ukraine here and read more about 

Russia makes progress in the east as Ukraine pleads for 

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13-Jun-2022 — Russian forces now control the center of Severodonetsk in the east and But while the Ukraine war might fade with time, experts say, 

Ukraine’s forces remain on the defensive in the eastern 

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19-Jun-2022 — This live blog is now closed, you can find our latest coverage of the Russia-Ukraine war here.

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17-May-2022 — Ukraine has claimed that overnight strikes on a hospital have killed two persons. Ukrainian troops counter-attacking against Russian forces 

Russia may be in Ukraine to stay after 100 days of war

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03-Jun-2022 — When Vladimir Putin sent troops into Ukraine in late February, the Russian president vowed his forces would not occupy the country.

As the Ukraine war enters its fourth month, what comes next?

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29-Jun-2022 — Four months into the war in Ukraine, and three months after the Russians announced that they would focus their attacks on the eastern part 

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26-Apr-2022 — Contrary to what President Putin might have expected, this war will be a landmark in the consolidation of Ukraine as a sovereign nation and in 

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06-Jun-2022 — Russia invaded Ukraine February 24, and it has been more than three months and a half ever since. However, there is no sign of the war

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16-May-2022 — Russia-Ukraine war: What happened today (May 16) As Monday draws to a close in Kyiv and in Moscow, here are the key developments of the day







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