Veer Mahaan on RAW

Veer Mahaan on RAW: Vince Russo recently noted a huge problem with Veer Mahaan’s booking on WWE RAW.

Mahaan’s arrival on the red brand was heavily advertised for months to the point where it became a running joke. He then appeared as a heel on the show and extensively targeted Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik. On the latest edition of RAW, the self-proclaimed predator cut a promo saying that he would run rampant through the roster.

Vince Russo noted that there aren’t enough babyfaces on the show who Veer could victimize. Thus, the latter’s on-screen gimmick would fall apart before he could get over with the crowd. He discussed the topic extensively in a Wrestle Buddy video. He was quoted as saying:

WWE Live Event Results: Veer Mahaan pins five-time champion, Seth Rollins suffers shocking defeat (Billings, MT 06/19)

“You’re seeing Veer Mahaan cut promos of ‘I’m going to do this, or I’m going to do that’. Bro, there’s no babyface that he can beat that would mean anything. This isn’t like back in the day bro, when Jake Roberts came in and annihilated Ricky Steamboat and everybody was like, ‘Oh my God’, and Jake was immediately over. There’s nobody like that. There’s no babyface that hasn’t been beaten to death. That means anything that he could go over and that it would mean something.”

Veer Mahan is currently being booked as a strong heel on WWE RAW. It will be interesting to see who his next target could be on the red brand.

Veer Mahan is currently enjoying an undefeated streak on RAW. He recently faced five-time champion Robert Roode in a singles match at WWE’s latest Sunday Stunner live event.

India’s Veer Mahaan Keeps Promise, Wins WWE Raw Match To Make Up For Young Fan’s Birthday

Roode was also absent from television for a long time and only recently made his in-ring return. He could make more appearances on RAW alongside his tag team partner Dolph Ziggler in the coming months.

Indian wrestling sensation and WWE superstar Veer Mahan promised a young fan on social media that he would win a WWE Monday Night RAW match, ahead of his match against veteran star Rey Mysterio on Monday. The mother of the six-year-old boy named Landon, earlier put out a tweet saying none of her son’s friends showed up at his birthday party and revealed how clueless she was about making him feel alright. Veer then promised Landon that he will try to win a match on Raw for the kid and fulfilled the promise by defeating Mysterio in the recent episode.

WATCH | WWE Raw: Veer Mahaan Makes Impressive Debut On King’s Court, Mysterios Interrupt Him

“Not a single person showed up to my son’s 6th birthday. None. I invited his entire class of 24. I have no ides what to do or how to make this right for him,” the mother of the kid wrote on Twitter.

Indian wrestling sensation Veer Mahan continued his stellar run on the WWE Monday Night Raw episode of May 23 and made an impressive debut on Jerry Lawler’s show ‘The King’s Court’. The segment started with Lawler welcoming everyone to The King’s Court and introducing Veer Mahan as his guest. Lawler said he has heard that Veer is a man of very few words and asked Mahaan to dispel the rumor and share his success mantra.

While Mahaan said nothing, Lawler continued to switch gears and further asked him why did he target the Mysterios. Veer finally opened his mouth to speak after Kerry mocked him and said that Rey Mysterio is a legend but he is too busy worrying about Dominik Mysterio. Veer added that Mysterio is weak now and that is why he beat up both of them. 


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Veer Mahaan states his insatiable appetite for destruction has only begun after dismantling The Mysterios last week. Catch WWE action on 

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24-May-2022 — Indian wrestling sensation Veer Mahaan continued his stellar run on the WWE Monday Night Raw episode of May 23 and made an impressive debut

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14-Jun-2022 — Indian wrestling sensation and WWE superstar Veer Mahaan promised a young fan on social media that he would win a WWE Monday Night RAW match

Rinku Singh (wrestler) – Wikipedia › wiki › Rinku_Singh_(wrestler)

Rinku Singh Rajput (born 8 August 1988) is an Indian professional wrestler and former professional baseball player. He is currently signed to WWE, …

Billed height: 6 ft 3 in (191 cm)

Trained by: WWE Performance Center

Billed weight: 125 kg (276 lb)

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24-May-2022 — WWE Raw का एपिसोड इस हफ्ते शानदार रहा। इस बार कई शानदार मुकाबले और सैगमेंट्स देखने 

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14-Jun-2022 — WWE Raw के इस हफ्ते के शो में वीर महान (Veer Mahaan) ने धमाल मचा दिया है. उन्होंने रॉ में

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31-May-2022 — Raw के एपिसोड में हैल इन ए सैल इवेंट को लेकर शानदार बिल्डअप इस बार देखने को मिला।

Veer Mahaan (@VeerMahaan) / Twitter › veermahaan

WWE RAW Superstar Subject of Disney’s Feature Film Million Dollar Arm, Former Pirates Pitcher, proudly representing beautiful Indiaजय मातृ भूमि.

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VEER MAHAAN has been released from WWE what a great performer and I wish him good luck In future! 4 mos Report. James Jibo Mcaulay, profile picture

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20-May-2022 — Before signing with WWE in 2018, Veer Mahaan – real name Rinku Singh – was a professional baseball player. The Pittsburgh Pirates signed him 

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19-Apr-2022 — WWE has been building up anticipation for the arrival of Veer Mahaan on Raw, and after months and months of teasing he has finally arrive










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