Pakistan PM Imran Khan Islamabad tonight

Pakistan PM Imran Khan Islamabad tonight Pakistan news: De-notified Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Monday proposed the name of former Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed as the caretaker PM. President Arif Alvi later dissolved the National Assembly on the advice of PM Imran Khan. Protesting the move, the Opposition approached the country’s Supreme Court, which adjourned the hearing till Tuesday.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan to lead Islamabad rally tonight to ‘expose turncoats’

Pakistan PM Imran Khan to hold a rally in Islamabad tonight

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf tweeted, “The next stop of the enthusiastic supporters of Prime Minister Imran Khan will be at Fatima Jinnah Park (G-Nine Gate) on Tuesday, April 5 at 9 pm. You are requested to fully participate.”

Prepare for elections, Pakistan PM Imran Khan tells party supporters

Pakistan Crisis: Imran Khan Nominates Former CJP Gulzar Ahmed as Caretaker PM

Pakistan PM Imran Khan addressed party supporters on Tuesday. He said, “Workers, prepare for elections! This time I will bring forward sincere and sacrificial workers instead of self-interested people.”

He further added, “In this next election, we will teach a lesson to those who were part of this foreign conspiracy.”

Constitutional orders above National Assembly Rules, Pak SC says

“The orders of the Constitution are above the National Assembly Rules,” Chief Justice of Pakistan (JCP) Umar Ata Bandial was quoted as saying by Geo News.

During the hearing, JCP Bandial also directed NA speaker’s counsel Naeem Bokhari to present the minutes of the crucial National Assembly session held on March 31 to debate the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Violence expected in Islamabad as Pakistan PM Imran Khan faces a no-trust vote today

We want a speedy decision: Pakistan Chief Justice

“We are trying to complete the arguments today and come to a brief decision,” says PPP lawyer Raza Rabbani.

“We also want a speedy decision but after hearing the views of all parties,” replies Chief Justice of Pakistan.

A 5-member bench led by the Chief Justice of Pakistan is hearing the assembly dissolution case

A five-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial, is hearing the case against the dissolution of the Pakistan assembly.

No statement issued on polls: Pakistan Election Commission

The Pakistan Election Commission has clarified that it has not issued any statement on the conduct of elections.

Pakistan facing economic catastrophe: Shahbaz Sharif

“Pakistan is facing an economic catastrophe today. The country is dealing with inflation. One crore jobs and five million houses were promised but all that exists in Pakistan is poverty and unemployment. Healthcare for the poor is out of reach,” Shahbaz Sharif.

President Alvi, PM Imran Khan violated Constitution: Shahbaz Sharif

Both President Arif Alvi and PM Imran Khan have violated Constitution. It is not that we do not want early and transparent elections. That is our demand. The constitution has been violated. That’s why we came to court,” said PML-N leader Shehbaz Sharif.

“The Deputy Speaker declared us traitors Will it now be a debate of traitors and loyalists,” he asked.

If PM loses the majority, it is undemocratic for him to remain in a post: Oppn in Pakistan SC

Imran Khan calls today’s rally in Islamabad a’ battle for Pakistan’ amid the fluid political situation

PML-N lawyer Makhdoom Ali Khan told Pakistan’s Supreme Court that Imran Khan holding onto the post of Prime Minister after losing the majority in the assembly is against democracy. “A No-confidence motion was moved by 161 members. With the support of 161 members, the Speaker allowed the no-confidence motion. But further action on the no-confidence motion was adjourned till March 31,” Makhdoom Ali Khan said.

The US punishing Imran Khan for his visit to Moscow says Russia

Imran Khan’s Big Rally In Pak Capital Today Ahead Of No-Confidence Vote

The Russian foreign ministry has responded to the claims of a “threat letter” to Pakistan’s de-notified PM Imran Khan, saying: “Since Imran Khan did not cancel his visit to Russia, the United States decided to punish Imran Khan.”

Khan had earlier said that a foreign country not only expressed disapproval over his premiership but also demanded that he be ousted through a no-confidence vote so that Pakistan be “forgiven”. He said that the foreign country objected to his independent foreign policy.

Khan said the “threat memo” did not only demand a regime change but mentioned that he should be removed as the prime minister.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was on his maiden visit to Russia in February, seemingly described the Russia-Ukraine war as “exciting”. “What a time I have come… So much excitement,” he was heard telling a Russian official after landing in Russia. A video of the interaction went viral.




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