Synopsis Balika Vadhu, happy flirty, aggressive kiss, Adoption:

Warta Lompok – Sinopesis Balika Wadhu Antav immediately tells the story of intimacy and intimacy of Shiva, who fully satisfies the audience when the happiness gradually kissed Shiva.

After getting married, Anand and Shiva finally lived luckily after falling in love with each other.

Happy loves a lot and she hates her husband.

That evening, the pleasure was arranging garments in his closet, which he considered busy.

He reads the cabinet for his adopted son Amol, who quickly lives with him.

The pleasure can be very satisfied that he is being adopted quickly within the orphanage.

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Shiva suddenly contacted him, he was actually standing off at the entrance to Anand, so the pleasure was confused.


Anandi and Shiv Kiss:

The 11th November episode of Balika Vadhu, “Anandi and Shiv Kiss”, is the most awaited episode for all the Shiv and Anandi fans. The actors have finally got married. But will they be happy?

The marriage of Shiv and Anandi was a fairytale wedding. Everyone was surprised to see that after so many years, their love story had finally come to an end. This is one of the most romantic episodes of Balika Vadhu which will take you back in time with all the emotions that you experienced while watching it.

Anandi and Shiv Marriage:

Shiv and Anandi are getting married, but the preparations have been going on for a while and now it is time for the wedding. The family members are excited, but there is a lot of drama happening. Anandi’s sister-in-law, Gayatri, has come to stay with them in order to help with the preparations.

Gayatri has a very negative attitude and she is always criticizing Anandi. She even takes her anger out on Shiv by blaming him for everything that goes wrong in her life. Gayatri is also very possessive about Shiv and does not want him to spend any time with Anandi or their kids. She wants all his attention to be focused on her only!

Balika Vadhu & Shiv Anandi Marriage Episode at MX-Player:

In the Balika Vadhu episode 1157, Shiv and Anandi are getting married. They are about to exchange the vows when they get interrupted by a man. The man turns out to be Shiv’s brother-in-law, Raghuveer. He is angry with Shiv for not telling him about his marriage and he does not want to let them get married. Shiv tries hard to convince Raghuveer but he is not ready to listen. Later, he says that he will leave them alone if Shiv agrees that Anandi will give up her son and live with him in his house as a daughter-in-law. Anandi refuses and asks him what she would do if she left her son behind? What would happen if something happened.

Shiv-Anandi Romantic Episodes on (Voot):

Anandi and Shiv Kiss -Anandi is in a dilemma as she doesn’t know if she should marry Shiv, she loves him but there are some obstacles. Shiv Anandi Marriage Episode 1148, Shiv and Anandi get engaged, the preparations for their wedding start. The family is excited about the wedding and they want to do everything right. Balika Vadhu Episode 1157 MX Player, The preparations for the wedding are going on in full swing. The whole family is working hard to make this event a memorable one.

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