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Best New Nintendo: May 2022 isn’t the biggest month for Nintendo Switch games, especially after Evil Dead’s sudden delay, but there is still plenty to look out for.

May 2022 has plenty of fun new games for Nintendo Switch owners to play. Many heavy hitters will start releasing in June, such as the Fire Emblem Warriors and Three Houses spin-off Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, the adventure mystery game AI: The Somnium Files’ follow-up title AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative, and even the long-awaited continuation of Mario Strikers with Battle League. But May has plenty of its titles to look forward to.

The Nintendo Switch games releasing in May 2022 may not always be as high-profile as the upcoming June releases, but they still have a lot to offer by way of unique gaming experiences. For fans of adventure games and JRPGs in particular, 2022 has shaped up to be a fantastic year thus far, and the Switch’s May lineup looks to keep up the trend. From action RPGs to unique live-action mystery adventure games, Switch owners have a lot to choose from in May.

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After numerous prior delays, Evil Dead: The Game was meant to join the Switch’s May title lineup, but was recently delayed once more – but this time, only for the Switch. What was meant to be a simultaneous Friday the 13th release across all major platforms this month is now a staggered release, with a currently unknown release window for the Switch version of the game. Although it was shaping up to be one of May’s most anticipated releases on Switch, making Evil Dead: The Game’s sudden delay all the more disappointing for hopeful Switch owners, there are still plenty of other unique titles to look forward to this month while waiting for Evil Dead: The Game’s return and June’s big releases.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Releases On Switch May 10

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is one of the most anticipated May releases not just for Nintendo Switch owners, but all video game players. Switch owners won’t be left out when this title lands on May 10 alongside all other major platforms. This gorgeous 2.5D action RPG serves as a prequel to Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, a spiritual successor to the classic Suikoden series developed by members of the Suikoden development team, including director Yoshitaka Murayama and designer, writer, and producer Junko Kawano. Excitement for the project was so intense that Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes’ Kickstarter broke the site multiple times throughout the campaign’s first day – and it was still fully funded within three hours.

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While Hundred Heroes will be released sometime in 2023, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising offers players the chance to venture into the world and meet some of the characters who will appear in Hundred HeroesRising is also set to include town-building features and will give bonuses to players when linked with Hundred Heroes. For anyone interested in action RPGs or classic-inspired JRPGs, or anyone looking forward to Hundred Heroes next year, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising shouldn’t be missed.

Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 2 Releases May 10

Also releasing on May 10 is Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 2. This game collection includes Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed and Rebound and ZHP: Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman, two of the best and more unique isometric RPGs that haven’t seen releases in over 10 years since their original publication. Makai Kingdom is an updated release of the original 2005 PlayStation 2 game, Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome, adding new content to the over-the-top tactical RPG. ZHP is, as the character name “Darkdeath Evilman” should imply, a wacky, tokusatsu-inspired story with roguelike gameplay elements, including randomly generating dungeons and a lot of character customization. For fans of classic – and somewhat silly – JRPGs, NIS Classics Volume 2 is a great two-for-one package

Best Nintendo Switch Games So Far – May 2022

The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story Releases May 12

It isn’t always clear when looking at screenshots of the game, but The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story is, in fact, a video game and not a movie. The Centennial Case – a Square Enix game that missed Nintendo’s February Direct – takes a live-action approach to its visuals, reminiscent of the full-motion video (FMV) games of the ’80s and ’90s. The game follows mystery author Haruka Kagami and the second son of the Shijima family Eiji Shijima as they strive to solve four murders spanning a century. The Shijima family has been beset by these tragedies because of their connection to the “Fruit of Youth,” adding a thread that connects the four murders.

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Like other mystery adventure games, such as the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series, players must investigate and gather clues to solve these murders. For fans looking forward to AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative in June – or detective and murder mystery adventure game fans in general – The Centennial Case offers an extra dose of the genre with a unique live-action coat of paint. Video game fans who are new to the genre but interested in giving it a try may find the live-action presentation effective since it conjures the feel of watching a murder mystery TV series or movie.

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Touken Ranbu Warriors Releases May 24

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes isn’t the only Nintendo Switch-exclusive Warriors title on the horizon. On May 24, Touken Ranbu Warriors will make its international debut after being initially released in Japan earlier this year on February 17. The original Touken Ranbu – ONLINE – game that Touken Ranbu Warriors takes after is incredibly well-loved in Japan and has received many spin-off adaptations since it was released in 2015. Touken Ranbu Warriors gives some of the series’ beloved characters their chance to participate in an action-filled hack and slash set like Zelda spinoffs Hyrule Warriors and Age of Calamity.

Fans of the Touken Ranbu series have experienced any number of its many multimedia facets, including the original Japanese game or its English release, which just celebrated its first anniversary on April 27. They will certainly enjoy getting to slice and dice through hordes of enemies based on the baddies from the original game. They’ll also see the characters interact with each other – and an all-new character, Omokage – and get further character development. Video game players who aren’t as familiar with the series can still jump in for some classic hack and slash fun and receive an introduction to the world of Touken RanbuWarriors fans in general, as well as those looking to scratch their Musou itch before the release of the new Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes game, can get a kick out of Touken Ranbu Warriors, too, making it a welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch library this May 2022.








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