Return to gender-neutrality

Return to gender-neutrality

Return to gender-neutrality Indian culture has always been gender-agnostic (when it comes to clothes). Both men and women wore angrakhas… Jewelry has been the equal domain of men and women for centuries. When fashion designer Payal Singhal started out in fashion 20 years ago, there was no real platform for design in our country – social media, fashion weeks, and celebrity stylists were unheard of. She feels that now, the fashion industry has changed in a big way. Excerpts from an interview:

The fashion business is not an easy one, with so many new brands and stylish but cheaper versions now available at the click of a button. How challenging do you feel the business of fashion has become these days?

Even though we are creative, designers can’t just make what they want to create. It’s about answering the question of ‘what does the consumer want’. That’s the perspective you need for your product lines. That and being well abreast of new trends, conversations, technology, pop culture, and the international market. You will have cheaper variations of any given product in any industry. It’s not just the case with fashion. Ultimately, the audience that values your aesthetic, vision, and quality will come back to you.

What do you have to say about gender-neutral clothing and occasion-neutral designer wear?

My personal style is very occasion-neutral. Our clothes too have always been made to transition from traditional to non-traditional occasions. Why can’t you wear a blazer to a sangeet or a sari to a black-tie gala?




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