The feature additionally permits a person to show his vaccination standing as a ‘shield.’

Cowin platform (Image used just for representative purpose)

Cowin, the Centre’s online portal that allows a beneficiary to register and book slots for vaccination against the coronavirus infection (Covid-19), now includes a function that will enable anybody to see a person with the latter’s approval’s vaccination status. “Now transfer the fully/partially unsusceptible badge from CoWIN ( to all of your social media sites and share it with your friends!” Dr. Ram Sewak Sharma, CEO of the National Health Authority, stated in a tweet, “Encourage your family and friends to follow you and #FightCovid.”

To use this function.

Go to and click on the ‘Share Vaccination Status’ or ‘Share Your Status’ buttons on the top bar to access this feature. They’ll have to be forced to submit their registered cellphone number and full name in order to get a one-time identification (OTP). The vaccination status will be shown on the screen in the shape of a shield, with the words ‘Fully Vaccinated’ or ‘Partially Vaccinated’ printed on it if the 6-digit OTP is entered within 180 seconds.

In the same way, the status may be shared with friends and followers. The shield will also appear when a user signs into his account on the Cowin platform.

Service providers may verify a person’s vaccination status by following similar methods, albeit they’ll need the customer’s cellphone number and full name to do so. This feature is significant for people who may not have their immunization certificates in digital or physical form and will ask service providers to verify their status by completing these procedures if one is required.

Cowin began operations on the sixteenth day of the Gregorian calendar when the countrywide immunization push began. English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Assamese, Gujarati, and Odia are available languages. The Union Ministry of Health owns and operates the portal.


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