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Last of Us updates: Summer Game Fest is live. The marquee live stream that opened the high-profile event, hosted and organized by media entrepreneur Geoff Keighley, showcased updates and announcements for games including “Street Fighter 6,” “Modern Warfare 2,” “One Piece Odyssey,” “Stormgate,” “Witchfire” and “Goat Simulator 3.”

The opening live stream concluded with a slate of announcements around the Last of Us franchise, including the reveal of an upcoming multiplayer game, a remake of the original title for PlayStation 5 and PC, and some minor updates about the HBO TV show adaptation.

Summer Game Fest, which will be live-streamed and kicked off June 9, extends through early next week. The event calendar also includes separate showcases from Xbox and Bethesda, Netflix, and other publishers.

Summer Game Fest’s Biggest Announcement Was a Remake

The ESA says its embattled annual gaming convention, E3, will be back next year, in-person and in a digital format after being held in an online-only fashion in 2021 and canceled both in 2020 and 2022.

Announcements got underway Wednesday with the premiere of the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” trailer. The reveal was coupled with news of a strategy shift by Activision around its Call of Duty properties, touting a new version of its popular “Warzone” battle royale alongside an upcoming mobile version.

In the run-up to the Summer Game Fest, host Geoff Keighley promised new announcements and “good, meaningful updates on games.”

Cozy management game ‘Bear and Breakfast’ gets a release date at last

A release date for “Bear and Breakfast,” the laid-back management adventure game with the coziest of vibes, has finally been set: July 28. Summer Game Fest’s Biggest Announcement Was a Remake

Originally announced in 2020 for PC, the game was confirmed to launch on Nintendo Switch in 2021 for an intended release later that year but was delayed. You play as Hank the bear tasked with managing a bed-and-breakfast in the woods. Thursday’s trailer began with a cute animation of Hank fumbling with odd jobs around the B&B, doing about as well as you’d expect for, you know, a bear.

Summer Game Fest day one stream ends with a whimper, not a bang

That’s a wrap for the Summer Game Fest live stream — though confusingly, not Summer Game Fest itself, which will continue via additional live streams over the course of the next several days. Still, this was the main event, and for the most part, it landed with a thud.

Naughty Dog gives update on standalone The Last of Us multiplayer

True to host Geoff Keighley’s word, the megaton reveals that characterize this time of year were basically nowhere to be found, with most of the show’s runtime going to previously announced independent games. Much of what was there looked solid, but nothing really blew the doors off the place; only “Callisto Protocol” provided something resembling a “wow” moment when a guy lost a fight with a blender.

The coveted ending slot went to a remake — one that leaked earlier in the day. Admittedly, “The Last of Us” is a big name, but for audiences weaned on the glitz and glamour of E3′s heyday or even Keighley’s own penchant for reveals involving “Metal Gear Solid” and “Death Stranding” auteur Hideo Kojima, it was a letdown.

The Last of Us Part 2 multiplayer launching as a stand-alone game

I’m sure Keighley and his partners wanted to deliver something that would solidify Summer Game Fest’s place as the de facto E3 replacement, but the video game industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, and the simple reality is that many developers and publishers don’t have much they’re ready to show — let alone release.

But all hope isn’t lost for the 2022′s Summer Game Fest. On Sunday, Microsoft and Bethesda will show the fruits of their labor, which will hopefully include actual gameplay footage of “Starfield,” the massively anticipated sci-fi role-playing game from the studio behind “Skyrim” and “Fallout 4.” That show, too, will likely be light on surprises, but maybe viewers will come away feeling more sated than they did after today’s less-than-substantial start

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