Netizens Curse IU after your best friends

iu best friend: In the afternoon of October 14, your entire Asian showcase was shocked by the information that Sulti died due to suspected suicide. Suley’s departure is not a small loss for KPOP music for the whole show. Specifically, the close friends of the cross, especially in relation to the plight of the IU, the followers have been involved in deeply, which were in love for 8 years.

After the demise of blue, the Nation cursed in the IU, no one is aware that the singer was a detailed friend who was along with Sulei within the scandal, which was made of many songs about his friend.
Suley and IU have been great friends of KPOP for the past 8 years.


Nevertheless, much more than the console, a very nettle of blue color cursed completely for a purpose on the IU. Consequently, he was going to return.

After the demise of blue, the Netigan cursed in the IU, no woman is aware of the singer, who is the best friend who lives with Sulei in a scam all the time, who writes many songs about her friend – Image 2.
“Your best friend has just handed over. Can launch a new album, it is terrible”


These are the functions that should be punished during the IU, which faced that loss, now criticized for any purpose. They swear in the IU that the Feminine singer has a detailed friend who has been with Suley in scandals, making many songs for his friends. The cross became a collection within the music compositions of the IU. Three times IU introduced his best friend in the track.

1. Peach

In 2012, the “a twenty-year spring” album is a track referenced in the form of peach. Christ was shared as soon as this track was shared: “Once I was with the IU to become an MC for a concert, I heard that he was going to write a track whose essential character was mine. I was a peach I am a fan. After listening to the track, I referred to prove them and he said that I was the main character of the track “.

After handing over to the cross in the IU, no one knew that the Feminine singer was a detailed friend, who was Sulti within the scam all the time, which made many songs about his friend – Image 3.
The IU personally created “Peach” with the theoretical character as Sulli.

2. “Mainly the owner” Sulai was sung by the IU “peach, IU.

After the demise of Sulei, Netige swore in IU, nobody knew that the singer was detailed. There are many songs singing about their friends – Picture 6 in a friend who has been in the scam all the time.
Suley and IU are going to change in MCS for the program. Crimson queen

“Crimson Rani” is a monitor which is included in the IU’s mini-album “chat-hour”. Introduction to the track, the IU shared: “There is a picture that influenced me to write and ‘Crimson Queen’. It can be graphically involved in my album. It is likely that Sulti drives for me, so surprisingly. Once I saw that image, I believed that it matches my songs in my thoughts and affects me to write tracks. ”

After the demise of blue, purifier cursed in the IU, nobody knew that the singer was a detailed friend, who had done all the time with Sullah in Scandal, make many songs about fig. 7
To write “Crimson Queen”, the goal was painted as an inspiration for the IU.


Within the latest IU songs called “BBIBBI”, he “parodied” “Netizen criticism:” They did not know what they are talking about. You just play with unhealthy people every day. Equal factor “This sentence immediately accepted the listeners of Sulei. Their networks generally” stone “their friendship and said that the IU was making friends with an ego. Although IU was not afraid of criticism. Defense and protection.

IU clearly mentions Sulei in “BBIBBI”.

After the demise of blue, the Netige criticized the IU, nobody knew that the singer was a detailed friend. A friend who was all the time with Suley within the scam, my friend was writing many songs about 10.
It is very sad, please do not use heavy phrases to attack them now. Pain to shade your shutdown

IU best friend:

Leo James Felix Pollock is the son of Aslan Pollock. He was born on October 31, 1999, in Istanbul, Turkey. Leo James Felix Pollock is Turkish-British and he has a brother. Leo James Felix Pollock is the son of Leo James Felix Pollock and Neslihan Yeldon. He was born on February 5, 2016.

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Leo James Felix Pollock is the son of Aslan Pollock and Neslihan Yeldan. He was born on July 12, 2006, in Turkey.


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