Lowering RTX 30 GPU memory temperature

Lowering RTX 30 GPU memory temperature: YouTuber DandyWorks decided to fix one of the most common issues with the NVIDIA RTX 30 series (the main one still being the price), which is the temperature of the GDDR6X memory.

While GDDR6X memory can easily operate in high temperatures (above 100 °C) and still be completed within the specs, the cooling capacity of the graphics card cooler is still undoubtedly affected.

DandyWorks replaced the thermal pads that shipped with the ASUS RTX 3070 Ti TUF graphic cards with custom copper shims. However, before anyone has a similar idea, there are a few things to consider though, such as the fact that, unlike thermal compounds, copper is highly conductive. For this reason, proper insulation is required. Furthermore, copper shims are not as cheap as thermal pads, but are still relatively cheap (~13 USD on Amazon).

So you can reduce the memory temperature of your RTX 30 by 20%

The YouTuber gives some recommendations on the copper shim sizes. If the graphics card shares the cold plate with GPU and memory, then 0.2 mm thinner shims are recommended. In case the cold plate is not shared, the shims can be as thick as the original pads. Furthermore, since these are made of copper, they can easily be ground down to the desired height.

One must also mention that such a modification, especially with such an excess of thermal compound, will void the warranty, but this might depend on the graphics card maker and the warranty rules in the region.

How to lower your RTX 30 series GPU memory temperature without voiding warranty at high OC memory

Users can argue whether this amount of thermal paste under the copper shims is required, but it doesn’t change the fact that this rather simple mod lowered the temperature from 110°C to 64°C under load. Dandy used crypto mining software to test the temperature during longer use.

Do note that this will not be comparable to a typical GPU use. His graphics card has lowered the GPU clock and increased memory speed. The fans were set to 100% speed (3000 RPM), which in many cases will be unbearable for a human ear. For science, however, this is all we need to know.

Update: HardwareLuxx reports that their community member “xtremefunky/Unleashed Overclocking” made similar mods to a number of RTX 3080 GPUs:

RTX 3080 reducing memory temperature

I’ve been mining with my 3080 tuf lot recently and see that my memory temps maintain extremely high temps (100c +, peaking at 108) running at -150 core, 900+ memory, 68% power, and 70% fan speed. Though the core temps are under control (high 50 – low 60s). Currently running my card at extremely neutered performance, 50% power limit, -235 core, -178 mem, and fan at 55%. At these settings core is at 45c, the mem is at 90 degrees and the wattage is at 170w mining at 56mh/s (almost less than half the 95ishmh/s it was sitting at when pushing it).

How much would mem temps benefit from using waterblocks from Ek or alpha cool? Any other way to reduce temps but keep relatively high hash rates without making substantial mods to my card?

My case (NR200) already has 2 bottom intakes straight into the GPU, 2 exhausts at the top, and 1 exhaust on the side panel. My CPU (5600x) temps stay at the high 30s to mid-40s with my GPU mining, when I tried CPU mining in conjunction with my GPU it only peaked at 60c. So there’s not really a way for me to improve my current airflow without changing my entire cooling solution.




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