How to Watch ‘As They Made Us’:

How to Watch ‘As They Made Us’: Dysfunctional families come in different shapes and forms and in As They Made Us, it comes in form of Abigail’s family. Abigail (Dianna Agron) is a divorced mother of two who’s trying to get a second chance at love but her ailing father, her stubborn mother who’s in denial about her husband’s impending death, and her estranged brother are not making it easy for her.

As They Made Us is Mayim Bialik’s directorial debut, and she also wrote and produced the film. You might remember Bialik from The Big Bang Theory, in which she plays Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler. As They Made Us was first announced in September 2019 and was initially titled As Sick As They Made Us. By November 2019, Dustin Hoffman, Candice Bergen, Simon Helberg, and Olivia Thirlby joined the cast of the movie. But, in April 2021, Dianna Agron replaced Olivia Thirlby due to a disruption in schedules caused by the pandemic.

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Excited to see Bialik’s first feature film? This handy guide will help you find out how, when, and where to watch As They Made Us.

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Is As They Made Us in Movie Theaters?

As They Made Us is arriving in theaters on April 8, 2022. If you are heading to the theater to watch this movie, bear in mind that the ongoing pandemic could lead to some restrictions. You may be required to follow health guidelines and exercise caution to reduce the spread of the virus.

Is As They Made Us Streaming Online

As They Made Us

As They Made Us is not available on any streaming platform right now. However, Quiver Distribution, the movie’s distributor, is releasing the movie on Digital and VOD on the same day as the theatrical release. So if you would prefer to watch the movie at home, that is an option. With any luck, As They Made Us should be hitting one of the major streaming services soon as well but we don’t have any indication yet of when or where it might be released.

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