Documents sent to Brazilian authorities include some unsolicited advice on how to improve PlayStation’s services

Improve PlayStation’s services


Improve PlayStation’s services: That treasure trove of a document filed by Microsoft to the Brazilian competition authorities on Tuesday, in response to Sony’s objections to its efforts to buy Activision Blizzard, contains another absolute gem. In it, Microsoft took time out to tell Sony just how it could (read: should) better run its revamped PS Plus service such that it wouldn’t need to worry so much about competition like, say, Xbox Game Pass.

As Kotaku reported earlier, the document—sent as part of one of the many international competition inquiries into Microsoft’s attempt to purchase Activision Blizzard—accuses Sony of creating deals with publishers that prevent games from being allowed to appear on Game Pass, which it cites as an example of Sony’s own competitive behavior. This is accompanied by lists of examples of Sony’s own first-party titles that aren’t released to competitor consoles, all to make the point that was Microsoft to make Activision games Xbox exclusives, it would be in keeping with the objector’s own actions.



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