Google Drive images directly in Picsart

Google Drive images directly in Picsart: Picsart is a photo editing web application that’s grown quite a bit over the past few years. It now has over 150 million users and offers plenty of tools for creating and editing YouTube and other social media banners and thumbnails, flyers, brochures, birthday cards, and so much more.

Anyone familiar with Canva will know that web apps like this are becoming more common, providing the everyday user powerful tools without the need for a download, but Picsart is one of the better ones, in my opinion. Now, per PetaPixel, it’s making its software suite available directly as a Google Workspace Marketplace extension, meaning that after you install it, you can right-click any image saved to your Google Drive, and choose to open it directly in Picsart.

Picsart brings its editing tools to Google Drive with the new integration – of TechCrunch

Doing so will launch the web app, and after you save your image through the software, the changes will be stored back in Drive – sweet! Drive has always lacked a good web-based photo editor, and even though many swear by Photopea, I’ve not been enthused with it as much or at all lately due to its advertisements, and outdated UI.

“Bringing Picsart to our creators right where they work is a true time-saver and friction reducer,”…“By offering Drive users a way to enhance their content with our editing tools just a click away, we further our mission to empower the creator in everyone.”

 If you’re looking to quickly modify an image stored in the cloud, including removing a background, adding filters and effects, or applying text overlays among other things, Picsart integration in Drive is a fantastic addition to your workflow!

 I would be very interested in hearing down in the comments whether or not you’ve ever used Picsart, or if you’re sticking with sites like Canva for quick edits. Do you have a specific cloud-based setup for all of your design work, or are you still using your Chromebook for most things, and swapping back to Mac or Windows for Adobe Creative Cloud?

Picsart brings its editing tools to Google Drive with new integration

Digital creation platform Picsart has launched an integration with Google Drive via the Google Workspace Marketplace. The new integration enables users to edit Google Drive images in Picsart’s web editor and easily save them back to Drive. Picsart notes that creators can now use its editing tools to personalize their content without having to leave the Google Drive workspace.

Picsart’s Free Photo Editing Tools Are Now Integrated into Google Drive

Picsart has announced that its entire web-based photo editor is available directly integrated into Google Drive. The app enables users to edit Google Drive images in Picsart’s Web Editor and save them back to Drive in one connected interface.

Picsart, which is mostly known for its wildly popular smartphone app, expanded with a web-based photo editor in October of 2020. The company has worked with Google to make those tools available as Drive extension. This enables users to edit images using Picsart’s engine without having to leave the Drive platform.





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