NEWTOWN – A land use board nemine contradicente denied asking by a Route half dozen station at the interstate eighty-four Exit ten ramps to find a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru search within the existing shop.
In denying the request, the chairman of the five-member coming up with and commission same he wished to forestall similar drive-thru proposals by service stations or convenience stores within the Exit ten passageway.
“The proposal is for a Dunkin’ Donuts however the text change says convenient stores will have a drive-through window so definition may be a heap broader,” same Don Mitchell, the commission chairman, throughout a hearing earlier this month.

“(The proposal) are often written during a lot of restricted method (but) I don’t wish to draft a regulation on the fly for one business’ specific use.”

The land use board’s denial place associate finish for currently to plans by the Mobile station to get rid of associate overhang and pillars to form space for a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru, adjacent to the Blue Colony Diner.
Service station owner Jaydev Patel and his consultants spent 3 hearings rewriting drawings and insistence that there was an area on the property for parking, circulation, and also the further traffic a Dunkin’ Donuts would bring, largely between half a dozen a.m. and 11 a.m.
David Rosen, associate alternate member of Newtown’s coming up with and commission, same he had issues concerning the station being “chaotic,” as a result of “there are going to be drive through traffic, gas pumping traffic, shop traffic, and automotive wash traffic all leading out onto a busy road.”
A Newtown resident WHO attended the general public hearing united, oral communication it absolutely was vital to “protect what Newtown sounds like to those coming back to go to and to shield little businesses.”
“This includes having no strip malls, no box stores, and no drive-thru windows,” same Heidi Edward Winslow. “While the candidates say they’re among regulations…the candidates aren’t in compliance or they wouldn’t be requesting a text change.”
The resident was speaking of 2 changes the station was proposing to Newtown’S division that may permit “combination gas station and convenience stores” to own drive-thru windows within the Exit ten industrial passageway.
Mitchell same he didn’t wish to open the door to unwitting consequences.

“The text change shows no limitation on what are often oversubscribed through the drive-thru window,” Mitchell same.
It’s not the primary time that Dunkin’ Donuts has been denied a drive-thru request within the I-84 passageway by a neighborhood land use board.
In 2019, a Connecticut choose upheld Danbury’s call to deny Dunkin’ Donuts a drive-thru window on a busy stretch of Mill Plain Road close to interstate eighty-four Exit 2A.
Dunkin’ Donuts had applied for special permission to work a drive-thru at one hundred ten Mill Plain Road, close to a little mercantile establishment anchored by bargainer Joe’s, estimating the window would account for sixty p.c of the store’s business.
Danbury’s commission denied the request, partly as a result of fast-food drive-thru windows weren’t allowed within the zone, associated partly as a result of the traffic style being organized in an unconventional method.
In Newtown, Mitchell instructed that the station was welcome to return back with narrowly tailored language that may build it arduous for an additional station or shop to follow the Mobile station’s example.
“[D]enying the applying can provide the somebody time to draft one thing that’s a lot of slim and produce it back,” he said.



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