Get to know all the hacks to get the most amount of credits and unlock all your dream cars in Drift Hunters!

DRIFT HUNTERS – MONEY GUIDE: Drift hunters – money guide: In this article, We will discuss how to mint money in Drift Hunters. So, you can unlock all your favorite cars as soon as possible and experience the best drifting simulation this game has to offer.

Drift Hunters has proven itself to be one of the best free-to-play web games in the last decade. It continues to reign over its competition due to its drifting behavior, stunning cars, and lush tracks that make it stand out from the ordinary drift games in the market.

Ultimate Drift Hunters Money Guide

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The game is known to have a wide range of drift cars from the classic Toyota AE86 to the best Nissan GTR and Porsche 911. The game caters to all the drifting enthusiasts across the globe. Here’s our list of all the cars available in Drift Hunters that will help you find the best drift car to suit your style.

When you load up Drift Hunters from our Car Games section. You start off with a cool Toyota AE86 and 25,000 CR. Although you can go crazy with the money and spend it all out on upgrades and different cars within your 25,000 CR cash limit.DRIFT HUNTERS – MONEY GUIDE

You’ll soon feel like having more money. This is why we recommend practicing the drifting in the game and mastering the car behavior. It will help you unlock all the cars and their upgrades in the long run.


The secret to getting money in Drift Hunters is Combos/Multipliers. This is the point where a lot of people make mistakes and lose the combos which results in smaller rewards. There is a small math formula for the rewards in Drift Hunters: DRIFT HUNTERS – MONEY GUIDE

Drift Points * Multiplier = Your Reward!

Example: If we make 1,000 drift points in a session but with a 10x multiplier, the reward comes out to be 10,000 CR. With enough practice and consistent drifting, you can go up to 16x multipliers in this game and get the highest reward. It all depends on your skillset and drifting knowledge.

There’s a catch though! You can’t drift properly on any surface (Grass/Sand) other than the Road/Asphalt. You do get some drift points on Grass/Sand but it is really low in comparison to Road/Asphalt. This implies you have to be on the road while drifting or the other surfaces could push you towards a wall/side rail crash. Surprisingly, the game does allow to keep the points even after the crash. This is really helpful If you’ve been drifting for hours and hours to get to the 10,000,000 points. But, you lose the tough to get combos/multipliers in the process.

However, If you master the art of drifting in this game. Then, you’re in for luck because earning money in this game is now going to be a breeze.

How Much Money Do We Need To Unlock All The Cars?

All the cars in the game cost a total of 1,367,900 credits.

Here are the cars, their prices and the grand total –

Toyota AE86 (0 CR)

+ Datsun 240Z (8,500 CR)

+ Nissan 240 SX(10,500 CR)

+ BMW M3 (12,800 CR)

+ Mitsubishi Evolution (14,700 CR)

+ Subaru WRX (15,100 CR)

+ BMW M3 (17,500 CR)

+ Nissan Silvia 240SX (19,800 CR)

+ Nissan Silvia S15 (24,200 CR)

+ Honda S2000 (25,500 CR)

+ Mazda RX7 (29,400 CR)

+ BMW E46 (32,100 CR)

+ Toyota GT86 (33,500 CR)

+ Toyota Supra (40,200 CR)

+ BMW E82 (46,000 CR)

+ Infiniti G35 Coupe (52,000 CR)

+ Mercedes Benz AMG CLA (C45) (63,300 CR)

+ Ford Fiesta ST (71,600 CR)

+ Nissan 370Z (84,300 CR)

+ Nissan Skyline (90,100 CR)

+ Lexus GS (95,700 CR)

+ Dodge Challenger Hellcat (99,400 CR)

+ Ford Mustang (102,300 CR)

+ BMW 335i (116,700 CR)

+ Nissan GTR (128,400 CR)

+ Porsche 911 (134,300 CR)

Grand Total: 1,367,900 CR

Now that we have an understanding of how the rewarding works in Drift Hunters. Let’s discuss in detail what are the best ways to increase the drift points and reward.


As we discussed earlier in the article. Drift Hunter’s rewards are all based on Combo’s and Multiplier’s. Making a good initiation of the drift is not enough to get the best reward. However, If you learn to sustain the drift for a long time. You will be able to see some hefty payoff.

Earn Money Fast In Drift Hunters MAX

The Combos and Multipliers start off at 1x and can go up to 16x depending on your skillset. There are a lot of tracks where you have to drift on a straight road. This is where you can use the switching side to side technique while being on the road. This will help you sustain the drift and also the multiplier. You can follow our tips below to sustain multipliers and increase your rewards.


The biggest hidden secret to getting amazing rewards in the game is the feature called ’WallTap’.This feature is not known to a lot of people. At first, we thought it was a bug but soon realized it was an amazing way to make great money and points in the game.

wallpaper is a feature where you have to be in a state of drifting while touching the rear end of the car with a wall or a side railing.

It is a tough feature to master but it pays hefty returns. The multiplier starts off at 20x and can go till 60x depending on how long you can be in contact with a wall while drifting. Mastering this technique will be tough but very beneficial if you want to be a Drift King of this game for a long time. This is the fastest way to make money and drift points in this game.


There are 4 steps to achieving a long and rewarding drift in the game.

Step 1: Initiating The Drift: This step involves gaining enough speed by pressing Up Arrow and then pressing either the Right or Left arrow to steer it in a direction.

Step 2: Sustaining The Drift: This step involves putting enough throttle and steering control on the car to stay in a drifting state. Remember to use Brakes if you accidentally throttle too much.

Step 3: Switching Drift Direction: This step involves transitioning from one direction to another while being in a drifting state. This technique in Japan is called ’Manji’. You can use a good amount of throttle in this stage.

Step 4: Exiting The Drift: This step is essential, bring the steering direction of the car to the middle by applying an applicable amount of counter-steer towards the direction the car is in. This way you will have complete control over the car after it is done drifting.


Slow And Steady Wins The Race

While it might sound boring but slowly building momentum of the car and gently throttling the car around the corners and turns will prove beneficial. You will be able to maintain your control of the car and also sustain the drift multiplier.

Drift Hunter’s Money Glitch

Stay On The Road

We recommend staying on the road. As it makes the highest drift points and it’s comparatively easier to drive on roads in the game. If you drive outside of the road, You can expect a crash or a huge slow down of the car due to slippery mechanics on the road. So, try to stay on the road as much as you can.

Switching Side To Side

The best way to build combos in this game is to switch sides as you see the ’Ready For Combo’ sign. If you’re drifting right switch to the left side and vice versa.


This technique of drifting is called ’Manji’. It will help you a lot if you’re drifting on a straight road where there is less potential to make a drift. Manji can help you sustain the drift multipliers.

Choosing The Right Track

Although this depends on how much you’ve played the game. The whole point is to practice drifting on one track to a point you’ve mastered every turn and corner. This might take a while depending on your commitment to the game but the returns will be hefty.


You can make good drifts in every track in the game. However, you can maximize your rewards with a track where the roads are not side railed or have a wall. You are free to go off the road and come back again at your will. It is a big advantage over closely packed tracks and you can make amazing drifts for a long time.

Let’s discuss the best tracks for beginner players and then for the advanced players:

Best Tracks For Beginner Players

Beginner players will benefit in tracks where the side rails and walls are not closely packed to the road offering a free roam aspect to the player.

Drift Hunter’s Hacks Are The Finest Way To Make Infinite Money


Docks are the best starter track in Drift Hunters. Docks have a big ground surface which allows you to familiarize yourself with the Drifting behavior in the game. While offering all the track features of the game. You can drift on this track and perfect your drifting skills for the more advanced tracks in the game


Tyshen is a good track for beginners due to less number of side railings and there are no sidewalls. So you can freely get off the road and come back again anytime.


Emas is a great track to drift in due to the number of twists and turns in the track. This is a moderate difficulty track that you can try after mastering the Docks and Tyshen track.

Best Tracks For Advanced Players

Advanced players who are familiar with the car behavior in the game will benefit from tracks with closely packed side railing and walls. Advanced players can make a lot of points and rewards by exploring the ’WallTap’ feature.


The stadium is a great track to explore the ’WallTap’ feature. The walls are very close to the track road and give you the opportunity to make high scores and rewards.


Nishi is the first track in the game and one of the best tracks to practice and explore the the’WallTap’ and ’Manji’ techniques. The track gives a lot of opportunities to facilitate the ’WallTap’ feature.


Dust is a small track where you can master the technique of switching side to side. Although the track is heavily closed off. You can perfect your drifting in this game.

Just go slow and steady.

Of course, you can find a track that suits your drifting style from the collection of 10 tracks. Make sure you check out all the tracks and find your own drift playground.


We hope this guide helped you find certain insights to help you earn a lot of money in Drift Hunters and build your own garage of stunning rides.

If you’re looking to find the perfect drifting car that will suit your style. You can check out our detailed article on all of the cars available in Drift Hunters.


 If you enjoyed this article and want to further improve your score, don’t forget to check our list of the cars available in Drift Hunters.





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