BTS: V sings

In a new Bangtan Bomb, BTS partners RM and V were seen jam to Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, whereas the members excited Jungkook post their SBS news interview. 

BTS members V and Jungkook during a new Bangtan Bomb.

BTS showed BTS members’ anxiety and preparation for their SBS News interview in a new Bangtan Bomb published on Sunday. Members such as RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook took part in the show during the Gregorian calendar month of this year.

BTS discussed Butter’s streak on the sign Hot One Hundred, Permission to Bop, and being selected as Presidential Envoys of an Asian country during the looks.

The members of the Bangtan Bomb were worried before their appearance, according to the new Bangtan Bomb.

The compliments

Suga stated to the camera that they hadn’t featured on a news station in three years. The compliments not only made him joyful, but they also motivated him to work harder at the gym. J-Hope admitted to being apprehensive and wanted to communicate the group’s message effectively.

Meanwhile, with the help of foreign music, RM and V were spotted shaking off their fears. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door was on the minds of the rapper and singer.

The BTS leader was spotted sifting through it rather than competing with the song and herbaceous plant nearby. V was also seen singing along to Jason Mraz’s song “Be Honest.”

On the opposite

On the opposite hand, Jimin requested fans to understand if he is not intelligent and his words and Jin was trying to share the news of their historic sign one hundred streaks through the channel. The video then shows snippets of the interview, with Jungkook being asked regarding BTS’ new song. He was asked if the music would be in English or Korean, and also the singer replied with a powerful ‘I don’t understand.’ 

The incident quickly became the topic of conversation, with his other members ridiculing him about it.

BTS has had an unforgettable year. They control the highest position of the sign Hot one hundred charts for several weeks. Their songs are Butter, Butter Remix (featuring Megan Thee Stallion), and Permission to bop, sweptwing the significant awards at the Yankee Music Awards 2021, and bagged their second Grammy nomination for Butter.



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