BTS V: On the holidays, BTS vocalist V released the song Christmas Tree. J-Hope, another member of his cluster, offered his opinions on the song.

J-Hope, a member of BTS, gives his thoughts on V’s new song Christmas Tree.

BTS V: J-Hope

J-Hope, a member of BTS, is gushing over V’s new song Christmas Tree, which he wrote for the K-drama Our Beloved Summer. The song was released around the holidays and has been well received by fans. 

Taking to Reverse: J-Hope

J-Hope took to Reverse to post a screengrab of the song as well as his thoughts on it. He commented, “What even the instrumental is admittedly sensible and everyone too,” according to BTS fan account @btstranslation7 on Twitter.

The opposite hand

On the other hand, V reached out to the team of Our Beloved Summer on Instagram on Christmas and thanked them for letting him sing for the K-drama. The singer received the gift in a post published by the show’s lead actor Choi Woo-Shik, who is also V’s close friend.

The staff was spotted on the set of the show, even on Christmas, in the photograph. Choi Woo-Shik captioned the photo, “Merry Christmas.” “Ooh it should be chilly,” V said in the comments section, “so please endure there and many thanks for (having the American state sing) the OST.”

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While the song made BTS fans joyful during the holidays, they were also saddened to learn that three of the group’s members — RM, Jin, and Suga – had tested positive for Covid-19.

On holiday

Huge Hit Music revealed that Suga tested positive while on vacation, although he has displayed no signs of illness. The agency stated on Christmas Day, Saturday, that RM and Jin’s Covid-19 tests had both come back positive. Jin’s symptoms are delicate, whereas RM’s are non-existent.

Afternoon “After experiencing flu-like symptoms, he underwent PCR testing and was determined to be positive for Covid-19 late tonight.” He’s got mild symptoms and a light temperature, and he’s doing self-treatment,” Big Hit said in a statement on Jin. Fans are hoping for a quick recovery for him.

BTS recently returned from their performance and alternative engagements in America.



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