Dilli Kaand Movie Review

Story: Dilli Kaand Movie Review: ‘Dilli Kaand’ is a fictional account of the gruesome Delhi rape case that shook the country. The film chronicles the events leading up to the horrific rape, investigation, and the death of the victim that had a far-reaching impact on the collective conscience of the nation.

Review: Don’t get fooled by the synopsis. This film is about the Nirbhaya case alright, but it does no good to anyone. Rather, it seems like a blatant attempt to cash in on the sensational case by shoddily putting together a hamfest that is embarrassing, to say the least. ‘Dilli Kaand’ is woefully lacking in all aspects of filmmaking. It starts with a news anchor introducing the victim with shots of her walking in slo-mo to her college. Here, a few lasagnas try to get fresh with her and the film’s ‘hero’ (if we can call him that) comes to her rescue. What follows are done-to-death meet-cute moments with all the clichés, firmly in place. Forgettable songs keep popping in between until it’s time for the all-important crime scene which is perhaps the only sequence that creates some sort of an impact in this otherwise sorry film. The hard-hitting gang rape of a helpless young girl and assault of her lover is brutal and the fact that it’s a true story, just sends chills down your spine, as you watch humanity sink to its lowest.

Dilli Kaand, Review: Those that rape and those that gape

Writer-director Kritik Kumar’s debut film continues to plummet further from here on, to the point of no return. In this fictional take on India’s most horrific rape and murder, a reporter is seen going in and out of the hospital at will, interrogating the star witness instead of the police and casually showing up at spot press conferences to threaten a hamming politician for not doing his job well. Heck, she even reminds the clueless investigating officer about the main witness, who is in the same hospital as the rape victim. Almost everyone here seems to be in a contest to act sloppily, but the one who wins hands down is the film’s ‘hero’ Sam Sunda, who plays Sameer. From blank expressions to lame dialogue delivery and from cringe-worthy dance moves to miserable action, the man looks perpetually ill-at-ease. The girls fare slightly better. Kashvi Kanchan as Alisha is 

‘DILLI KAAND’ REVIEW | 24 September, 2021

unintentionally funny at times but gives in her best in the assault scene that somewhat redeems her. Preetika Chauhan, who plays Riya Batra, is super confident as the feisty news reporter. But ultimately, they are all in service of a sloppy and hurriedly-put-together script that makes a mockery of such a spine-chilling crime. The actors mouth archaic filmy dialogues like ‘tumhare Ghar mein maa behen nahi hai kya’ and ‘kanoon ko Apne hath mein mat lo’ with zero conviction. And a lot of it is not even in sync, much like the film’s edit.

All in all, ‘Dilli Kaand’ is a lazy film that seems to have been made purely to capitalize on the Delhi crime than give you any meaningful insight into the case. The film ends with a shot of a placard that reads ‘Justice to Alisha,’ but it certainly does no justice to the story of Nirbhaya.




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