DANBURY — Nuvance Health, which runs Danbury and Norwalk hospitals, at the side of 5 others in Connecticut and big apple, faces a web loss of over $130 million last year. The loss came because the hospital system grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic.
The health system lost over $300 million in web patient revenue thanks to the COVID within the year 2020, which runs from October. 1, 2019, to Sept. 30, 2020, Nuvance interpreter Andrea Rynn same. Nuvance received concerning $168 million in COVID relief throughout that point.

The patient revenue was tied for the most part to the pandemic, that burdened health care employees and halted elective surgeries a few times.

“During now, the system has additionally practiced important value will increase in, and utilization of, medical provides, notably personal protecting instrumentation, as international offer lines were discontinuous by the pandemic,” states Nuvance’s audit report ready by Ernst & Young LLP.

The loss came as Dr. John potato, WHO heads Nuvance Health, earned over $14 million in regular payment and fringe advantages last year, as the Nuvance Health system lost revenue.

the whole payment was tied for the most part to a one-time needed payment, Rynn said.

But the loss, however, was tied for the most part to the downswing in patients.

The pandemic caused fewer individuals to return to the ER, notably in the period through the Gregorian calendar month, poignant the hospital system’s bottom line.

At Danbury Hospital, the patient ER volume declined twenty p.c within the year 2020, consistent with the reports to the state. patient visits declined twenty p.c from the primary 5 months of the year to the last seven months.

The average length of keep for patients multiplied five p.c at Danbury Hospital.

The “case combine,” that reflects the variety within the styles of patients, multiplied three p.c, consistent with the reports to the state.

However, the amount of days patients were in rehabilitation born twenty-five p.c, medical specialty days belittled forty-two p.c and psychiatrical days belittled ten.2 percent.

Linus Chuang was named chairman of obstetrics and gynecology at Western Connecticut Health Network.

From the beginning of the pandemic till Sept. 30, 2020, Nuvance administered over seventy-nine,300 COVID-19 tests, with virtually vi,900 coming positive, consistent with figures filed with the state workplace of Health Strategy.

The hospitals discharged concerning one,280 COVID patients, required ventilators in 204 cases, and saw 273 individuals die from the virus.
Fringe advantages
Murphy, president, and chief executive officer of Nuvance Health saw the bulk of his compensation return from fringe advantages within the year 2020, consistent with public records filed with the state’s workplace of Health Strategy earlier this year.

the foremost recent year came to an in-depth at the tip of Sep, however, documents for that year won’t be on the market till 2022.

He earned over $12.8 million in fringe advantages, a major increase from 2019 once he earned concerning $82,600 in these advantages.

His total compensation in 2019 was $2.66 million, which is 426 p.c but what he earned in 2020.
“In 2020, [Western Connecticut Health Network] issued a one-time pension payment to Dr. Murphy,” interpreter Andrea Rynn same in an associate degree email. “This was a contractually tributary payment supported his years of service, several contributions, associate degree contract.”

WCHN united in 2019 with hospitals in big apple to make Nuvance Health.

“The biggest grievance that folks have concerning health care is that it’s too expensive,” same Lynne Ide, director of program and policy for the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut.

“Consolidation within the health care business and acquisition of hospitals by for-profit entities that ar drove by totally different metrics, driven by totally different bottom lines, will nothing to assist the buyer, the patient, will nothing boost the standard of care that folks are receiving and also the affordability of care that folks are receiving.”

The workplace of Health Strategy questioned why the perimeter advantages “appear high as a proportion of total compensation” for potato, the chief money dealer, and a workers doc. These employees’ advantages were over fifty p.c of their total compensation.

In a document filed Gregorian calendar month. 26, the health system explained it created “one-time profit distributions” to those workers “under the terms of the supplemental outlined profit retirement plans.” Murphy’s total payment for the year was above heads of alternative hospital systems across the state.

“Employees across our system receive a strong, market-competitive advantages package, as well as insurance, paid day without work, and retirement savings plans,” Rynn wrote.

The workplace of Health Strategy needs varied documentation, as well as the compensation for hospitals’ ten highest-paid workers, by Feb. twenty-eight of every year for the previous year, that runs October. 1 to Sept. 30. further reports are due by March thirty-one annually.

Danbury Hospital was approved for 2 extensions on these deadlines, with the hospital citing COVID-19 challenges as among the explanations for the delay, documents show.

Highest-paid workers

Nuvance filed reports showing the highest ten highest-paid workers at Western Connecticut Health Network, additionally because of the ten highest-paid workers members at Danbury, Norwalk, and Sharon hospitals.
Some workers, as well as potatoes, created all lists. for workers on multiple lists, the Western Connecticut Health Network report ought to show their full compensation, same West Chadic Ciesones, principal health care analyst for the workplace of Health Strategy. Rynn confirmed this.

“Nuvance Health is committed to paying all our workers proportionate with their years of expertise, the work they accomplish for our communities, market competitive benchmarks, and business standards,” Rynn wrote.

“This commitment, reviewed by our volunteer Compensation Committee, extends to our clinical, support, and bodyworkers, additionally as leadership.

we tend to modify salaries on an associate degree in progress basis to make sure each member of our exceptional team is salaried befittingly.”

Nuvance executives’ pay could mirror their robust job and also the competitive market.

“Hospital CEOs have a singularly distinctive role, to blame for organizations that are advanced and dynamic, extremely regulated, resource-intensive, which give essential community services,” Jill McDonald Halsey, an interpreter with the Connecticut Hospital Association, same in a very statement.

“Executive compensation choices are supported several factors, as well as professionally ready competitive market analyses.


Arthur Strichman, A doc worker within the ER, was the second-highest-paid worker at Western Connecticut Health Network, earning $1.26 million in 2020.

Of that, $1.1 million came from fringe advantages. He didn’t create the highest ten list in 2019.

Steven H. Rosenberg, a chief money dealer, earned the No. three spot on Western Connecticut Health Network and Danbury Hospital’s lists. In total, he earned $1.22 million, with $672,000 of that coming back from fringe advantages.
His full earnings are seven.44 p.c above in 2019. His compensation from Danbury Hospital alone was virtually $551,000, with nearly $304,000 from fringe advantages.

Sharon Adams, president of Danbury and New Milford hospitals, was the No. a pair of jobholders from Danbury Hospital, with total compensation of just about $947,000.

Her fringe advantages were nearly $46,000, which the health strategy workplace noted appeared “low” compared to potato and Rosenberg’s. She didn’t create the Western Connecticut Health Network list.
Aside from potato, Strichman, and Rosenberg, 5 alternative workers earned over $1 million.


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