Kent cafe — October twenty-three was a really special occasion for resident Brian Verrilli. It marked his annual day of remembrance of being sober.

Over A Year

Over a year, Verrilli’s life was utterly modified. He has new hobbies, a brand new home, and a brand new job at the front of the house at Wilson’s workplace & restaurant, which opened in August.

Wilson’s, which is in hand by Kent High Watch Recovery Center, employs solely people who area unit in recovery from drug abuse disorder — from the chefs to the bakers to the baristas.

Kent cafe: Recovery

“We reach resolute people within the recovery community, several of whom area unit alumni of High Watch, and that they become the backbone of our worker base,” same mythical being Perillo, a chief promoting officer at High Watch, associate in-patient residential treatment facility for medicine and alcohol that opened in 1939.

Kent cafe: Wilson’s

Wilson’s was named once the late Bill Wilson, founding father of the nongovernmental organization, the High Watch program is supported on the principles of a nongovernmental organization, and Wilson — World Health Organization supported AA within the late Thirties — was on High Watch’s original board of administrators in 1939.

Aside from the standard bond coworkers normally type with each other, Perillo same High Watch workers tend to feel particularly about one another since they need the shared affiliation of addiction — and recovery.

Low Community

“It’s a tiny low community of recovery thus it becomes a family,” he said, adding they develop robust bonds. “When you’re in recovery yourself and you’re employed with people World Health Organization area unit in recovery, it makes it easier to achieve success in your recovery as a result of you’ve got that support network around you at work.”

Kent cafe: Wilson’s,

The same not like several different restaurants that have had staffing problems, Wilson’s, with twenty workers, is holding its own.

“We haven’t struggled to seek out sensible workers, however at the constant time, we tend to area unit seeing several constant challenges that the remainder of the eating house world is seeing for spill a year once it involves hiring,” Perillo same.

Wilson’s opened

Since Wilson’s opened, Perillo’s same one amongst the foremost pleasant reactions the business has skilled thus far has been the robust support from the community.

“We were a touch bit involved that maybe the stigma of recovery would possibly keep individuals away and therefore the opposite is going on and therefore the Kent community has very embarrassed Wilson’s,” he said.

He extra Wilson’s has been “packed” for lunch a day, he said, obtaining four hundred to five hundred customers daily from weekday through Sunday.

“You can’t get a seat at lunch,” Perillo same. “We area unit mobbed all the time.”

The preparation team at High Watch, at the side of the management team at Wilson’s, developed the menu. For the primary month, the business was opened, it solely served its workers.

“We did this a – to form positive we tend to be doing it right and b – to check the menu to visualize what worked and didn’t work,” Perillo same.

The top merchandiser on the menu is that the Build-Your-Own- Breakfast Sandwich, Perillo same.

Salads embrace eggplant, tomato and preserved inexperienced bean, and national capital sprout. Sandwiches embrace prime rib, herb roast chicken and prosciutto, and cheese.


The restaurant seats fifteen in total and has 3 tables outdoors.

The idea for making an area like Wilson’s occurred as the way to assist a graduate of the program.

“We, as an organization, felt it had been the proper factor to try and do,” Perillo same. “Our guest’s area unit solely with the U.S. for a particular amount of your time and one amongst the items that we tend to believe powerfully in is giving them the tools for flourishing recovery once they exit High Watch. one amongst the items that we tend to wished to try and do was give talent building and career opportunities, and Wilson’s was a natural fit that goal.”

One guest’s story

Verrilli was the primary worker employed by Wilson’s once it opened.

He works full-time at Wilson’s within the front of the house, having worked antecedently within the High Watch room.

At 25, he has already been through plenty.

In time, Verrilli became progressively obsessed with his habit and additionally developed a drinking drawback.

Things went downhill from there.

“When Maine associated an ex-girlfriend split, I didn’t care anymore. I assumed my future is destroyed,” he said. “I dove pretty deep within the opiates and Sublimaze.”


Although he was engaging at a “pretty nice” construction job, he said, despite what proportion was obtaining paid, he still couldn’t carry on together with his habit.

“It needs to the purpose, once I was with great care deep within the addiction, I assumed ‘there’s no solution,’” he said. “I thought this was the approach I’ll be living for the remainder of my life. I didn’t apprehend there was the way to induce sober.”

Third Planned

After 2 tried suicides, he had planned the third, once he created a telephone that will modify his life.

“I was on my thanks to going park to undertake to kill once more by deliberately overdosing,” he said.

But then, he took a distinct path — and ne’er looked back.

“I was at a Home Depot automobile parking space and force over. I have known as High Watch,” Kent said, adding his mother had sent him a pamphlet on the power several months earlier.

High Watch picked him up some days later.

“I left my house for hospital ward on Halloween and was there fifty-seven days,” Verrilli same. “I left the day once Christmas.”

He same the sole thanks to getting sober is to wish it.

“No one goes to induce sober if they’re doing it for somebody else,” he said. “You need to make out only for yourself.”

Now he desires to convey back.

“My goal is to be ready to work serving others in any approach I will,” Verrilli same. “I get my 1st within the door engaging at Wilson’s, attempting the maximum amount as I will here to assist out others.”

Recently, Verrilli became an associate businessperson. He makes and sells tie-dyed shirts. His Instagram is Dyin’Brianco.

He same he feels he has lived separate lives — one within the past and one currently — “and the one now’s on the far side your wildest dreams,” Kent said. “From that the bottom wherever I used to be, to now. It’s unreal.”

“There could be a solution,” Verrilli extra.

Wilson’s by High Watch, 10 N. Main St., is open seven a.m. to 4 p.m. weekday through Mon.


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