Company : This past summer

This past summer in making ready to Company maneuver the close corporation to Danbury, Tim The Netherlands unearthed a steno pad of paper from 1984 during which his father Bill had jotted down the business set up for Parker Medical, which sells systems for imaging machines that find carcinoma.

“The business is started with the introduction of a zealous mammo tube — followed by x-ray high voltage cables,” Bill The Netherlands Sr. had written. “Other novels x-ray part products are introduced within the future when the mammo tube and cables square measure established.”

Holding the steno pad Fri at Parker Medical’s new Danbury headquarters, Tim The Netherlands John Drew fun from a number of the 75-plus staff he leads as president and chief operating officer of the corporate.
“I’m undecided what happened to the mammo tube,” The Netherlands same. “But the sentence that strikes Pine Tree State here — ‘other novel part product are introduced within the future when the tubing’ — that’s precisely what he did.”.

Company : Parker Medical

Parker Medical makes high-voltage cable assemblies within breast-cancer imaging machines sold by General electrical, Hologic, and Philips, yet as thousands of alternative elements for CT (CT) machines et al… A number of the company’s most advanced products will take days to place along by multiple folks, together with testing and scrutiny.
Tim The Netherlands same that the requirement for further area drove the choice to maneuver from Bridgewater wherever Parker Medical had long had facilities.

At the kickoff of the COVID-19 pandemic, the corporate secured further flex area in Brookfield yet to form a reproduction line, granting higher spacing between staff and continuity of production ought to either facility be hit with an infectious agent natural event.

For its new headquarters, Parker Medical thought of locations in Brookfield and Westchester County, N.Y., however, The Netherlands’ same Danbury building match it wants best.
“Keeping producing in Connecticut was expensive to my male parent, dear to me,” The Netherlands same. “It was a matter of availableness and chance.”
Himself a former x-ray engineer with GE, Bill The Netherlands started Parker Medical in 1984. He died April twenty-four, 2020, at age ninety-one of complications from a fall.
“While he was at GE, he developed one amongst the primary x-ray tubes for a diagnostic procedure,” same Christine The Netherlands, one amongst the seven relation co-owners of Parker Medical UN agency leads business development.

company’s new home

The company’s new home was used antecedently by Belimo that makes valves, actuators, and sensors for heating and air-con systems. Belimo emotional in 2015 to a close-by building that’s over doubly the scale of its former facility.
Parker Medical has placed a brief distance from a Hologic facility that creates a number of the foremost advanced 3D diagnostic procedure scanning machines obtainable these days.
State Rep. Ken Gucker, D-138th, recollects road the Parker building whereas in elementary school to check the operations of gilded Arts, a one-time maker of ceremonial occasion medallions for presidential inaugurations, military awards, and others.
“You have to be compelled to push this small button, and it’d stamp this memorial for the day,” Gucker same Fri. “It brings Pine Tree State back to why it’s thus vital we’ve buildings not staying vacant, however having folks operating in them,”


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