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Pongal 2021: is widely known with loads of zeal in numerous elements of Bharat, especially the state, and this year, it’s being celebrated on Jan fourteen. Here’s all you wish to grasp concerning the history, significance, and celebrations of Pongal in Bharat.

Pongal 2021 is widely known in numerous elements of Bharat, however, it’s one of the most multi-day harvest festivals of state and is ascertained with loads of zeal and enthusiasm there. The folks in Southern elements of Bharat close and have grand celebrations on Pongal that embody variant sensible food and family time.

Pongal 2021 is widely known for 3 days and people’s explicit days square measure referred to as Bhogi Pongal, Hindu deity Pongal, and Maatu Pongal.

This competition usually corresponds with another harvest competition, Makar Sakranti, that is widely known throughout Bharat.


This year, Pongal is being celebrated on Jan fourteen, 2021.

History, Significance, and Celebrations:

Pongal 2021 is usually celebrated at the start of the Tai month consistent with the Tamil calendar, which usually falls on Jan fourteen. Pongal suggests that ‘to boil or overflow’ concerning the dish that’s historically ready on at present. The dish involves a replacement harvest of rice, milk, and saccharide.

The dish is initially offered to the Gods and Goddesses, the cows then it’s served to the members of the family.

During the celebrations, cows and their horns square measure adorned. The festivities conjointly embody decorating homes with Dravidian artworks created with rice-powder at the side of banana leaves. Prayers square measure offered within the temple and families close to exchange gifts have meals and a gala time along.

The first mention of Pongal

The first mention of Pongal may be found in one among the inscriptions within the Viraraghava temple dedicated to Lord Hindu deity.

The inscription talks concerning king Kulottunga I from the Chola amount and refers to a chunk of land that was granted by him to the temple for celebrating Pongal once a year. that’s why even the primary mention of the Pongal dish is dated back to the constant era.

The first day of Pongal or Bhogi Pongal marks the day of Marghazi (Tamil month). It conjointly marks the day once folks get obviate their precious possessions and celebrate new things. homes square measure cleaned and painted. Prayers square measure offered to Lord Indira – thanking and hoping for rains within the year ahead.

During the Covid-19 natural event, the Pongal celebrations have taken a web flip, and folks square measure celebrating on video calls with their families.



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