Opinion: A season to be joyful (and careful)

Not to be Grinch-y concerning Christmas; however, once the youngsters open their packages, boxes, and baggage on Dec. 25, sadly, there area unit some things as a gift-giver you will need to think about beforehand.

A Gift

A gift, like several different shoppers bright, will cause hurt if a place to associate degree unsafe use. and therefore the final thing associate degree one desires to happen is for an innocently purchased gift, chosen and offered with the most effective of intentions, to cause hurt to a toddler.

First: Opinion

First of all, a few words concerning Connecticut’s law applicable to shopper product injuries.

If somebody sells a defective product that causes injury to a different, the vendor is usually de jure accountable. Most lawsuits target the question of whether or not the item was faulty or whether or not the injury occurred in another means. A shopper’s savvy is considered defective if, for example, it had been designed during a mechanism that created it more dangerous than most shoppers would have expected. 

The Answer

To answer this question in court, a jury might think about however helpful the merchandise was, however risky and hazardous the merchandise was, if a safer, efficient style existed, and whether or not adequate warnings or directions attended the merchandise.


All product shoppers should follow correct warnings or directions. But, as we tend to all have tough, some directions area unit higher than others, and a few signs sound as if they’re virtually speech communication, “Don’t use this product.” If a product slashes a shopper, the vendor can little doubt argue that it didn’t follow its directions or warnings not heeded. Thus do the most effective you’ll. Scan the directions and warnings.


Choose age-appropriate gifts for units and monitor children to the degree that they can safely utilize a toy. Allowing a toddler to utilize a product in an unintended manner is not a good idea. Consider the possibility that a product contains hidden risks. As a result, the seller has taken no action to correct the situation; the vendor is still liable de jure.

As a Gift

As a gift-giver, as against a vendor of commodity, you may typically not be chargeable for injuries caused by a defective product. Still, nobody desires anyone to induce hurt.

State UNIT:Opinion

Here state a few internet sites to consult if you have questions about the protection of a selected toy or its appropriateness for associate degree supposed recipient: https://safekids.org; https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls; https://kidsindanger.org; https://toysafety.org.

A Legal Claim

Finally, if need be, keep in mind that even if everybody has been careful and a toddler still gets slashed from the employment of a toy, they might have a legal claim.

Carey B

Carey B. Reilly is an associate degree professional with the Bridgeport-based firm Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder. For over thirty-five years, she has helped purchasers with many problems, together with medical malpractice, personal injury, and merchandise liability. she will be reached at 203-336-4421 or CReilly@koskoff.com



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