DANBURY — politician Dean Esposito spent his inauguration night during a new home.

Esposito associate degreed his adult female are dealings a lodging by John Osborne Street and Hospital Avenue since the top of November.

“We live right within the heart of Danbury,” he said.

Esposito had lived in Brookfield till shortly before asserting his run politician, once he rapt into a family friend’s home on shrub Lake. He failed to pay rent there, however helped with utilities and still owns his Brookfield home.

Democrats had criticized Esposito for this, running a campaign ad that referred to as him “Brookfield Dean,” prompting queries of whether or not he truly lived within the town or would move there for good. Mayors square measure needed to measure in Danbury. He narrowly beat Democrat Roberto Alves for the mayor’s seat last month.


Esposito was born in Danbury, lived there most of his life, worked for the town, and had aforesaid before the election that he planned to maneuver to town despite whether or not he won the race.

Esposito and his adult female square measure merchandising the Brookfield house through a non-public deal when “sprucing” it up with new painting and rug, he said.

“It’s going fine,” he said. “We even have a customer, a private relationships that they’re in method of obtaining a loan for a house.”

His Brookfield house is selected as reasonable housing through the state statute 8-30g, which implies state authorities square measure concerned within the sale.

“That was listed under it as reasonable housing back thirteen, fourteen years past once we were able to pip out,” Esposito aforesaid. “We got the chance to buy that home at that point. it absolutely was a blessing for USA.”

The state oversees and governs the value of the house, thus a treater is conducting associate degree analysis of the single-family home, he said.

The development on Carlin’s method has 5 homes, 2 of that square measure reasonable at eighty % of the world median financial gain, per Brookfield’s application for a moratorium on 8-30g. The Esposito’s purchased the house for $242,000 in 2008, per property records within the application.

Brookfield earns three.75 housing unit-equivalent points toward this moratorium because of the Carlins method homes. In total, two % of the town’s housing stock is taken into account reasonably, with the city earning 131.24 points, per the applying.

The new lodging could be a two-bedroom, with a “nice very little yard close the building,” Esposito aforesaid.

“It’s nice,” he said. “We’re happy. We’ve got some sensible neighbors.”

The Esposito’s signed their lease within the last week of November, spent the primary night within the lodging on a Gregorian calendar month. thirty and are living there ever since he said.

“We’ve been within the method of moving everything over, slowly however for certain once the chance has afforded USA,” aforesaid Esposito, adding it’s been a busy time.

The couple’s adult kids live outside of Connecticut, and also Esposito’s needed to downsize. He aforesaid he’s glad he oughtn’t to rake the yard any longer.

“The hardest half for my adult female and that i now’s merchandising the furnishings,” aforesaid Esposito, adding they’re dispersing it between nieces and nephews and merchandising on Facebook Marketplace.



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