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YouTube if You Aren’t: If your YouTube channel isn’t eligible for monetization, there are still ways to make money from your content.

For many YouTubers, having their channel monetized is a dream come true. The idea of making money from others watching your videos is tempting, and it’s by no means unrealistic. But to reach the stage where you’re earning sufficient income from ad revenue, you often need to persist for months—if not years.

If you haven’t yet reached the threshold for monetization on YouTube, don’t worry—you can still use your channel to generate additional income for your business. This article will give you several pointers to do so.

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What Is the Monetization Threshold on YouTube?

You must have at least 1,000 subscribers to qualify for monetization on YouTube. On top of that, you need a minimum of 4,000 watch hours from viewers. Those watch hours can come from anyone.

In addition to the numerical requirements, you must follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Hate speech and content the platform deems harmful are two examples of videos you cannot monetize.

If you want to learn more about how much money YouTubers make and how much the platform pays users,

Manage your recommendations and search results: YouTube if You Aren’t

How to Make Money With YouTube if Your Channel Isn’t Monetized: YouTube if You Aren’t

If you haven’t yet reached the threshold, the below tips will help you make money from your content.

Share Snippets of Your Videos on Social Media

The rise of TikTok has resulted in many social media platforms taking video content more seriously. And if you’re interested in growing your reach on other networks, sharing snippets of your videos is an excellent possible option. You can also make money on TikTok by doing this.

If you choose to use LinkedIn, you can upload videos up to 15 minutes in length. Meanwhile, Facebook allows you to share content that’s up to 240 minutes long.

 How YouTube Makes Money Off Videos:YouTube if You Aren’t 

Are you not interested in long-form content? Short-form videos could be the way to go. You can use TikTok, Instagram Reels, and various other platforms—such as Facebook Reels and YouTube Shorts.

When sharing snippets of your YouTube videos, ensure you don’t violate the platform’s copyright guidelines.

Repurpose Your Content Into Articles

While many people think that visual content has rendered blogging useless, that isn’t necessarily the case. When done correctly, sharing blog posts on your website is an excellent way to engage your audience and drive more clicks on YouTube.

How YouTube Makes Money Off Videos

When you publish on YouTube, consider sharing short posts about the video’s topic and embedding a link to the full video. Alternatively, you can take the opposite approach and go into significant depth.

Regardless of your choice, try not to copy what you say in your video word for word. Instead, think of ways that you can provide additional value.

Pitch Your Services as a Freelancer

If you’re self-employed and creating online content, you can often perform your work from anywhere. As such, you’ve got a significant pool of potential clients to work with and grow your income. Freelancing is profitable if you stick with it for the long run, and it’ll give you more freedom with your schedule to create YouTube videos.

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You can find freelance work in several places; job boards, emailing, and networking is common tactics. You can also pitch your services through your YouTube content itself. And instead of trying to be too salesy, focus on what you can offer potential clients—make this crystal clear in your messaging.

YouTube if You Aren’t

Sell Products if You’ve Already Got a Loyal Audience

If you’ve published videos on YouTube for a long time, you probably have a loyal audience that loves what you do, even if it’s a small group of people. And you can grow your income by selling products.

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YouTube if You Aren’t

When selling products, you must proceed with caution; many launches fail because people don’t test for demand beforehand. Moreover, you could tarnish your reputation—and hurt your chances of growth— if you sell something that doesn’t meet your audience’s expectations.

You can test for demand in several ways, including:

Running polls on your social media accounts and the YouTube Community tab

Creating paid advertisements to determine interest

Monitoring social media platforms to identify problems that people are having and want a solution for

Connect With Your Target Audience on Social Media

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